Thursday, May 24, 2007

"This is My Now"

When I was a dorm director in a women's hall a few years ago, I started watching American Idol with the faithful following who would gather in the main lounge. I have remained a fan. I enjoy seeing the different styles of music and the variety of performers, and I'm fascinated with the selection and voting process. (Though much could be said about the number of AI votes often outnumbering votes in political elections.)

This year, the show held a songwriting competition with the winning song being performed by the two remaining finalists. When the winning songwriter's name was announced on Tuesday night's show, I wasn't expecting to have ever heard of them. My husband and I were quite surprised when the winner turned out to be Scott Krippayne. Scott is a Christian singer-songwriter, who several years ago, released a favorite song of mine: "Sometimes He Calms the Storm"--you can listen to an excerpt by going to Scott's website. Powerful lyrics!

Anyway, back to Scott's winning song, "This is My Now"--I can't get it out of my head! If you go to the AI homepage, you can hear it performed by newly crowned American Idol, Jordin Sparks. Or you can hear Scott singing it by clicking on his name here. Enjoy!

We're leaving for a long weekend to visit family, so it's over and out until Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

There was an article in The Gazette about this winning songwriter -- I'll send it to you!

Love, Mom