Friday, May 4, 2007


In addition to sharing random tidbits from my life, and what I'm thinking about, I want to use this blog as a forum to discuss and learn more about stewardship--making the most of what I've been given, a definition that goes beyond "just money".

For example, I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a steward of creation--of doing my own small but meaningful part to impact the environment. You know how when you care about an issue, it often seems to pop up everywhere? Such is the case for me.

I recently read an article about climate change (often called global warming) that contained a link to a quiz that could help you identify your impact on the environment. I hope you'll also take the challenge. I was quite proud of the fact that I never eat red meat--which is a huge drain of grain resources--until I realized my love for dairy products is just as impactful. Just something to think about . . .


eanderso said...

Carrie -

This is such a great title for your blog, as you are a great steward in so many ways. Thanks for being so conscientious, and for caring about the little and big things. You make me a better me.


thehomespunheart said...

Yeah! This a perfect title and theme for you! Everything looks great! I'm excited to learn from what you're learning/sharing...

I took the quiz and, while well below the average for my area, I still have room for improvement!

This is exciting! I also loved reading your list of 100 things while were there recently - congrats I see you figured out how to add links!

May I introduce you on my blog?

PS: Mom only leaves anonymous comments and I notice your blog does not allow them, so you may want to either change that or know that she may not comment...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Carrie -- your blog looks great! I love the title and the photo! :)

I took the quiz and was surprised that I scored what I consider to be poorly -- I had thought I was doing a better job of stewardship. Now I have to take some action to improve the situation!

I'm proud of you and love you!

Kristin said...

Carrie -

I'm excited that you have a blog too! I know I'm going to learn a lot about you through it! It will be fun to keep up on your life that way too. I think you're off to a great start! I still haven't ventured into the blog world, but I do enjoy looking at others. Monica's is one of my favorites, but now I'll have two favorites to check daily!

We'll have to talk soon!

Amy Jane said...

I am in AK (that's Alaska, not Arkansas) and we're all expectional measure to get through the legislature soon that would slap a tax on each plastic bag used.

I've had two conversations in the last two day about what we're going to use instead.

This concept of making the good choices we can is so healthy.

I'm a major milk-drinker, myself