Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's your "mom style"?

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share an article I enjoyed reading in the May 2006 issue of Babytalk magazine. I mentioned in this post that I like personality inventories, like Myers-Briggs. This article describes your "mom style" based on your M-B type (mine is ENFJ). If you don't know your type, there's a short version of the test inside the article to help you determine it. This is not meant to be conclusive, but hopefully can be fun to read.

When I read my "mom style" description, "the heart-to-heart mother," I felt that it was right on. My own mother's type was even more accurate--as an ESFJ, she is the quintessential "happy-together mother."

Have fun with this and Happy Mother's Day! If you read the article, I'd love for you to leave a comment if the description did/did not match up with you!


Leanne said...

What a cute article! I am an ENFJ... everything the article said was me... SCARY! Your blog is as fun to read as your sister's!

carrie said...


Thanks for commenting--glad you enjoyed the article. Go, ENFJs!

Thank you also for the huge compliment. My sister is an inspiration!

I just checked out your blog and enjoyed reading. Makes me want to get out all my papercrafting stuff! Crafts or mopping the kitchen floor?! Hmmm. . .

thehomespunheart said...

Ok, that is just plain scary! Mine was right on - the "super-responsible" mother. Amazing how they can come up with these things!

Amy Jane said...

This is such a fun idea, but I've never felt comfortably sure the test I took was right for me.

I get insanely different answers depending on how the questions are worded in the tests I take.

INFJ fits other than the lack of self-disclosure, and the INTP also rings very true other than the not being sensitive to/aware of other people's feelings.


Any guesses?

carrie said...

Amy Jane,

It sounds like you're maybe "on the edge" with a couple of the letters. I don't think it's possible, nor am I sure I would even like it, to have all people in the world fit neatly into 16 types.

When taking these tests, I am always an "NFJ," but sometimes I've received Extrovert results, and other times, Introvert. So I usually read both descriptions, and usually both speak pretty accurately to my characteristics. As you mentioned, some parts are true, and others not. Maybe you're more balanced than the rest of us, if you have qualities of several types. =)

Anonymous said...


I read some of the descriptions, and I'm wondering if you may be close to an ISFJ. Though the ENFJ fits you, so does this one:

Gentle and kind; sensitive to their child's feelings, offering closeness and support; strong sense of duty and consistently puts her kids' needs first; delights in taking care of the little things that matter to a child; tends to be practical and domestic; believes strongly in family traditions.

That is my beautiful wife in a nutshell!!!

Happy Mother's Day (a bit early). You have been an amazing mom from day 1, and I simply could not do this (be a parent) without you.


Kristin said...

I actually just needed a organizing/packing break, so I checked out your blog!

I'm either an ESTJ or an ISTJ whenever I've taken these tests. It's actually very accurate in describing me! Thanks for the article.

Amy Jane said...

Balanced. Wow. That's a cool way to interpret undefinable!

Susan H. said...

I am an ENFP "Kids R Fun" mom. The quiz was fun and was pretty close discribing me. I wish I were more organized, sigh... The organization discussions are really good for me.