Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Personalized Grocery Shopping List

After back-tracking to a previously visited aisle for a forgotten item way too many times, I decided I needed to do something to make my trips to the grocery store more efficient. I have two stores I visit regularly, and usually half of my list is made up of items I purchase every time(milk, etc.)

So here's what I did: I went to the two stores, and wrote down each aisle number in order, along with general category words for each one (paper products, frozen foods, etc.). I then compiled this info in a Word document and underneath each aisle heading, I listed the staples I buy frequently. I put a small line next to each of those items, so I could place an "X" there as I'm doing my meal planning, rather than writing down the same items over and over. Then, I included a few blank lines beneath the list of staples so I can add other items as needed.

Here's a sample of what it looks like:

(Aisle) 8 baking supplies
__ chocolate chips
__ flour __ sugar
__ brownie mix
__ cake mix

This has been so helpful to me. It hasn't completely eliminated that pesky back-tracking, but it has greatly improved it!

Any other ideas on what works for you with shopping for groceries?

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Kara said...

Carrie are you sure you want to read Gilead? Maybe I have the attention span of an 8-year old but I found the book somewhat tedious ...

Anonymous said...

Carrie, this list is so you :) I can just picture you mapping out all of this at the grocery store :) Lisa

carrie said...


I have already read Gilead, and I agree with you that it is quite tedious. I am not necessarily recommending the books on the list, but wanted to post books that I am reading in 2007. I am posting your blog link right now!

myheartisalwayshome said...

Such a good idea. I have the back tracking problem for that one pesky item that I always miss on my list.

Amy Jane said...

How long did it take you to write all this down?

thehomespunheart said...

You were the one who originally inspired me to do this as well! I love the list and it is super efficient to just go through the aisles!!! Great idea!

carrie said...

Amy Jane,

I would say it took me about 20-30 minutes in each store. I had a notebook, and I just wrote down each aisle # and basic categories. Then it took another half-hour once home to type up that info and add my list of staples. The nice thing is that since it's on the computer, I can update it whenever I want. Let me know if you try it, and if it works for you!

Paige said...

Some grocery stores do have a floor plan if you ask customer service. That is good for us with not too much time to walk up and down the isles making notes. You can also go online to different stores and get the floor plans, save it as a word pad document or cut and paste it and modify it to suit your needs.

carrie said...


I never thought of asking for a floor plan. Great idea--thanks for commenting!


Mom2fur said...

I've heard of making up a map of a store by aisle, but I never thought to put anything under each heading...especially staples! Now I'm going to have to make myself a master grocery list like you did! Brilliant!