Monday, June 11, 2007


I love stationery, and it's important to me to send notes and cards for special occasions and just to say "thinking of you". Purchasing wedding and birthday cards can quickly add up, and I've found that I prefer making my own. Not only are they more personal, but I save money (as long as I don't go overboard buying stuff to make them, which I don't thanks to fun money). With all the cute crafty and cardmaking supplies out there, it doesn't take much time or even artistic ability to make cards. (Though of course time and artistic ability can produce more spectacular cards!)

My current favorite cardmaking item is cardstock pads (brands include Making Memories and Diecuts with a View). The cardstock comes in many colors and patterns, is pre-scored, and easily fits envelopes from office supply stores (so much cheaper!) I'm also a fan of this and these.

Anybody else make your own cards? What are your favorite ideas and supplies?


Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie,

I always enjoy being on the receiving end of these special cards and notes. :)

One of the things I like to do is use the back of the front part of a greeting card as a postcard or notecard -- not nearly as creative as making your own, but some greeting cards are so pretty, I like to pass them on.

Have a great day!

Love, Mom

Kara said...

Carrie - cardmaking is also another "shiny penny project" of mine. Lance's aunt inspired me to make personal greetings as she told me that my cards are the kind that people like to save because they are so special. How kind!

Are you in town Sat? I'm going to be in Sioux Falls for a shower for Mandy Gordon and thought I'd add more miles to my car if you were going to be around OC ...

Leanne said...

I think it was your sister who inspired me to do this! I tend to use whatever I have lying around! I also must confess a passion for the new Martha Stewart Papers!
Here is a link to one set of cards I made:

I believe cards are much appreciated in this day of email!

Leah in Iowa said...


You should post some photos of your finished cards for us to see! I have so many dollars invested in card-making supplies, which are all sitting in boxes in the basement. The creative juices don't seem to be flowing anymore! Maybe I'd be more excited about making them again if I could see some cute, easy samples. Think about it! =)

Leah in Iowa said...

P.S. After you left that comment on my blog about having connections with Lar, I kept thinking that you had to be connected with Northwestern. Seeing Kara's comment about "OC", now I know! The world is shrinking daily! I'm only about 90 minutes away from you. How cool is that??

carrie said...


Thanks for sharing the link--those cards did turn out cute! That's my style, too--use what you have to make cute and easy cards!


I will post pictures of the cards I make to send the winner of my random drawing--good idea. Feel free to enter--then you might get to see the cards in person! =)

jgnichols said...

Dear Carrie,

I just discovered a love for card-making this year too. I find myself addicted to a paper punch. I love to show the different paper underneath whatever I've got on top by punching holes. And I use jute alot - I just like the outdoorsy, not-too-frilly look of it. It's become a family project. When I get my tote out with my card stuff in it, the kids both flock to the table. Clay immediately demands scissors, "I cut it Mom!" and Lexi goes all out making her own cards for her friends, my friends, her grandparents, other people's grandparents, new babies, cousins . . .

Love, Christa

disa said...