Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colorado or bust!

Well, we made it here safely! Thank you to everyone who left tips and encouragement about traveling with our son, Nathan.

It was a long day of travel--the airline had a nationwide computer malfunction, which caused numerous glitches as you can imagine. Our initial flight was delayed, causing us to miss our connecting flight by a mere five minutes! We were then placed on stand-by for the 2nd flight. I actually burst into tears of relief when they called our names. Arriving, and being warmly welcomed by Grammie (my mom) was even more sweet due to the travel issues.

Our son only slept about 45 minutes on the entire nine-hour journey, but did pretty well considering. Thanks to A for the great tip about offering a bottle of water/sugar water in addition to nursing. He loved that!

The fun thing is that Nathan's first-ever flight ended up being in first class! We were the last people to board because we were waiting for a gate check tag for our stroller, and the attendant gave us the last two seats, which were in row 1--wahoo! We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in getting us here, though I can't say we're looking forward to the return trip!


Leah in Iowa said...

Oh wow ~ how cool is that? First class?? You're gonna be spoiled now. Enjoy your time with your parents in cool Colorado. It's storming right now here back at home.

kristin said...

Wow, that was quite the day of travel! I'm so glad to hear you've made it safely. The good news is that you'll be the "expert" on traveling after dealing with delays that you had to deal with! Just think how much better it will be when flights are on time! The bad news is that the difference in the amount of space between coach class and first-class will be less than desirable! But I'm glad you got it one-way...a small but nice consolation for the ordeal that it was! Enjoy your week with your family!

thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie -

Glad you made it safely! Sorry it was such an ordeal - hope your time there helps make up for it! :)

See you soon!

Sarah said...

What a journey! Congrats on nursing. I have nursed all three of my boys, the first two until they were one and the third is only 3 months right now and all is going great. You asked about my garden, here is what I'm growing: peppers, beans, sugar snap peas, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. I'm gonna post pictures soon so be sure to stop bakc by when you get a chance. :)

Sarah B. B. said...

Glad you made it - I was once the crying baby on long flights, so I know when it's my turn I'll be in for a real treat. ;) Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Glad you loved New Orleans - it's one of my personal missions to get people to love that city & its people. My Romanian connection is just a personal/academic interest, though my husband and I are seriously investigating doing a weeklong trip with a missions group there.
Enjoy visiting your mom!

Susan said...

I was watching this blog with interest and praying for you guys. As you know I will be traveling with Josh from Germany to Colo Spgs in December. By then he will be 10 months. I am so relieved for you everything turned out well and first class! I will remember the sugar water. Thanks to whoever gave the typ;) Enjoy the Wild Honeys, sorry not to be there for it all;(

myheartislalwayshome said...

First class, nice! I'm sure you would have taken coach over all the stress that lead to first class. I am glad that Nathan did well on the trip.

Have a wonderful time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! So glad to hear you made it, which was indeed the goal. I'd been curious all day. Enjoy your time with your family. We're looking forward to being your next destination (although I'm sorry to mention your next trip already).


A, B & C said...

First class... that's so great!
So glad my tip helped too. :) Hopefully your return journey will be smoother and shorter!

jgnichols said...

You made it! You're so brave to face such a long trip like that with the little guy. Of course, you can't really go visit your parents without the baby, since now he is the main attraction! I love how when you have kids, with your parents it's suddenly, "Oh, hi, there you are dear (attention turns to grandchild) OH COME HERE TO GRANDMA YOU CUTE THING YOU!" Watching our parents with our kids has been so fun! I've never seen grown men more turned to mush than with a grandbaby.

God be with you on the way home!


P.S. - I recently read a real horror story at (great for funny stories about motherhood, one of my new favorite sites) about a five-hour flight where a couple took their two-year-old on a five-hour flight. The two-year-old screamed the entire way, bit the mom, punched the dad, and climbed the seats because she was terrified of the sound of the engine. Yikes! Nathan will be quite the seasoned traveler by the time he's two I'm sure. He'll be telling the pilot how to fly the plane and you won't have a bit of trouble with him I'm sure!

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Glad you arrived safely. So sorry you were in that computer malfunctionmess. But First Class seats ain't all bad! I hope you have a great time with your parents.