Tuesday, June 5, 2007

For fans of Jane Austen

Thanks to my friend Susan for sending this quiz--"Who is your Jane Austen Boyfriend/Husband?"

According to the results, my husband: "is most like Mr. Knightley of Emma! He probably gives you kind lectures to help you in certain matters, though he does these out of true devotion and in your best interests. Others look to him for his wisdom and good sense. He is generous and steadfast, though not afraid to politely argue with you. The two of you enjoy a challenging, sweet partnership and are most likely very active in your community."

I would say this is pretty accurate. I don't think either of us are fans of saying he gives me "lectures," but he certainly offers his opinion in a caring way as the results say and I'm grateful for that. He is definitely wise, well-respected, generous, and steadfast--all wonderful qualities.


thehomespunheart said...

Here is mine:

You scored as a Col. Brandon
Your husband/boyfriend is most like Col. Brandon of Sense & Sensibility! He is very attuned to your tastes and enjoys sharing them with you. While he resists being flashy, he is very generous, though he will never be overbearing, even if he is correct. The two of you engage in many pursuits together and enjoy a romantic, steady relationship.

I would say this is true - funny, the other day I did one on which Austen character I was and it was the eldest Miss Dashwood (Elinor). You can find it on the Sparrow's Nest a previous post from last week...


carrie said...

Funny! I just took it, and I also scored as Elinor! Crazy. . .

love you!

Anonymous said...

This was fun! :) It's probably not a surprise to you that I scored as Elinor as well! :)

As for the gentlemen's quiz, Dad scored as Edmund Bertram of Mansfield Park -- the Austen story I'm least familiar with. So now, of course, I'll have to check it out from the library and see if I agree after reading the story! :)

It's interesting that we all scored the same, but our guys all scored differently. :)

Love you!

Amy Jane said...

This was so fun.

I scored a Brandon 70% with Farrars 60% (I love my Mr. Steady!)

I couldn't find the other quiz you spoke of, though. Do you still have a link handy? That looks like fun, too.

(I only really know S&S though, so in my limited knowledge I'd be yet another Elinor).

Anonymous said...

Your husband/boyfriend is most similar to Mr. Tilney of Northanger Abbey. Charming and witty, sometimes he confuses others with his satirical humor and outlandish statements. However, he has an excellent sense for the motives of others and therefore is very helpful to you. As a couple, you share many exciting experiences and laughs and enjoy constant camaraderie with those closest to you.

Hi Carrie! I'm Monica's friend, Melissa. I have enjoyed reading your blog. This quiz was fun and I would say this description of my husband is pretty accurate; although, he has many other wonderful qualities. I am not familiar with this character so it will be fun to research him