Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple cards

I feel a little silly calling these "homemade" cards--they're really just assembled. But I have fun with them, and wanted to share some of my very simple approaches:

For the first card, I took a small piece of decorated chipboard and added "thanks" using an easy rub-on, then attached it with two small round brads to a piece of folded cardstock. For the 2nd card, I used one of my favorite things: Scrabble tiles. You can buy old sets for $1 or so at garage sales and thrift stores. Cute and simple. (The cardstock pattern was pre-printed.)

Card #3: A simple black rub-on can have a nice impact on light cardstock. Card #4: I just taped a pre-printed embellishment onto this card--so easy! Card #5: Using my sister's "trademark" style, this is a photo clipped from a magazine.

I did make a 6th card, with a swirl stamp design, but it did not show up well in the photo. I think it took me more time to set up and put away my supplies than it did to make the 6 cards.

Megan, these are going in the mail to you today--enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! -- Love, Mom

Leah in Iowa said...

How fortunate for Megan! =)

salma said...

Love the web and sentiment is just perfect!!!
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