Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On the road again . . .

Every summer, we spend a week in June visiting my parents in Colorado, and then travel to Michigan for a week with my husband's family. We're taking off tomorrow morning, and this time we're driving instead of flying. Road trip!

Since we'll be vacationing at a lake, my computer access will be limited, but I do hope to check in a couple times while we're gone.

I'm looking forward to

  • spending time with family (we'll miss you, Sedys!)
  • napping in a hammock (really, napping anywhere these days is something to look forward to!)
  • finishing The Complete Tightwad Gazette (so inspiring and resourceful!)
  • celebrating our wedding anniversary on Monday (and having free babysitters thanks to Mom and Dad)
  • making fun of Michigan drivers (ever heard of a Michigan left?)

Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

Have a safe and pleasant trip -- and Happy Anniversary! :)

Lots of love, Mom

Connie said...

Have fun on your holiday....I absolutely LOVE the Tightwad Gazette...I have all three, actaully the three in one book. You can never read it too often.

kristin said...

We will definitely miss being there! But I hope you have a fantastic time away, and that the drive goes quickly and smoothly. Take advantage of those extra hands...and happy anniversary!


Kara said...

Enjoy GRR. When I was there with Mandy I shrieked the first time she made a "Michigan Left." She's a bad driver to start with and I thought she was out to get us all killed. That's when I was informed of the term "Michigan Left." Suicide left is more like it!

Tracy said...

Hey! I'm from Michigan and I still get annoyed with the Michigan left! : ) Oh, but the lakes are beautiful!

Leah in Iowa said...

Gosh, I've never heard of a Michigan Left! I went to the link you provided, and it sounds extremely confusing! Don't know if I could get used to that!?

Have a great time on another family vacation! Talk to you when you get back!

A, B & C said...

Happy Anniversary... ours is in just two weeks! Enjoy the chance to pass off your little man, a little more often. We all hate to admit it, but it's great every now and then!
And thanks for the link about the Michigan Left... you're so good at remembering links to anything that might confuse your readers! I seem to forget all the time.