Thursday, July 19, 2007

Road trippin'

First of all, I just love road signs. Had we not had a sleeping baby in the car, I would've been thrilled to capture a few of the funny ones on camera. My favorite: a sign with an arrow to the "Regular Baptist Camp" (where I wondered do irregular Baptists go?!) I also love those signs outside of small towns proclaiming hilarious mottos or farfetched claims to fame. This time, my winner is "The jewel in the crown of Iowa"--does Iowa even have a crown?! What a hoot!

Second, let me just say that it's a long haul to Michigan by any route we take, but on the return trip, my husband agreed to my request that we drive a more alternate path. I recently finished a compelling book about a small northeastern Iowa town, and I was itching to check it out. I am fascinated by the idea of place--how places shape people, and vice versa. With that comes a love of geography and a particular interest in this state I've come to call home. I enjoy surveying the varied terrain (contrary to popular belief, Iowa is not flat--at least not everywhere) and trying to imagine life in other areas.

Your turn--What are some other funny road signs you've seen? Are you fascinated by a particular place, whether you live there or not?


myheartisalwayshome said...

Carrie, I also love signs. One that I see every time we go to Ohio is Burnt Cabin Road. I wonder how it got that name!

Megan said...

We passed a sign twice on our way to and from OK recently that said, "Bourbon Family Center" - seemed like a funny name for a family activity joint, if you ask me...

A, B & C said...

It's so funny that you posted about this... I was just putting together a few scrapbook pages for a cruise we took. One stop was the port of Izmir, Turkey. As in most places outside the US, the toilets had a fee, so one said said (in English)... "Only 50 Cents is Enough to Feel the Magic Atmosphere". It was magic alright... about the only clean toilet I'd seen off the ship.
I also saw a sign outside one man's watch store that read, "Genuine Fake Watches"... hilarious!
You've inspired me, I'm going to go post about them now!

Anonymous said...

One of the highway signs I have always found memorable is the sign for a ski area just across the Iowa state line near Omaha -- coming from Colorado, that seems like an unlikely destination! :)

Love you -- Mom