Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer in a box

How much fun is swapping?! I just received this box from Ms. A:

Packaged inside an orange paint roller liner: organic lemon juice, cardmaking kit, costume jewelry and tiara, calling cards, and iced tea mix packaged with a vintage jar/spoon/doily!

And she received the following box from me:

A bucket of fun summery items (lip balm, seasoning for grilling meat, bandanna, tea, etc.), orange polka-dot box, homemade note cards, tag book, fun household booklets, and a t-shirt packaged in a car shape for her husband.

Thanks to Sweet Goodness Swaps for coordinating and to Alex for the fun mail!

If you're interested in participating in a swap, tune in Monday when Monica and I make a special announcement!


Anonymous said...

Oh boy...cannot wait for the announcement on Monday! I'm ready to join the fun :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I did it again, forgot my name! I should just start a blog and not have to worry about always adding my name :) LB

Rebecca said...

How fun! I bookmarked the swap blog to check it out & yours too. So our babies are 2 months apart, how fun!

Susan said...

Oh, I have checked out this website with the swaps. I wanted to enter, but i am not crafty and the international mail costs:( But I cannot wait for your announcement!