Friday, August 17, 2007


It's freshmen move-in day here on our campus, and in honor of the occasion, I want to offer a little "tribute" to my freshman roommate, Hayley. (Photo taken at our wing Christmas dinner.)

We had a fun year together, even though we had a lot of different tastes. Hayley loved John Michael Montgomery (a country singer), bright colors, and clowns. I preferred Christian or alternative music, dark or neutral colors, and am not a fan of Bozo, Bubbles, etc. Hayley also loved rearranging our dorm furniture, whereas I balk at even small changes.

Hayley was with me when I was feeling homesick (being a 12-hour drive from my family), and she was there to support me when I greatly embarrassed myself by calling a guy I had a crush on to wish him a "Happy Thanksgiving." That may not sound like a big deal to you, but the guy's loud roommate answered and made a big deal about why I was calling. I never thought I'd recover. =)

Hayley and I made many memories together in going camping, adjusting to college life, talking about boys, and making a road trip to her sister's wedding that spring. We gave each other the nicknames "Croc" and "Dile," though I honestly can't remember why.

We still keep in touch via Christmas cards and occasional e-mails, and I wish her the very best. To you, Hayl!

Your turn--care to share a story about your freshman roommate or something you remember about the day/weekend you moved in? I'd love to hear from you!


Susan said...

Oh man...I am scared to publish the story about my roommate. Total nightmare and was too lazy to put sheets on her bed. She had a brown spot on her pillow from her head after a couple of months. I will leave out names because you never know about how small this blog world can be! My other roommies were awesome especially Sara and who slept with her bear "Teddy" without shame:)

Anonymous said...

My freshman roommate at Taylor and I didn't exactly mesh. In fact, the guys on my wing annoyed him enough that he transferred to a different hall second semester. While I never asked them to get under his skin, I appreciated it nonetheless as I received a better second roommate. Before he left, we had to set many "room rules". Since I liked it cold at night and he liked to sweat when he slept, one of our rules was that the window could only be open from 9 am - 9 pm.

As far as move in day goes, all I can remember is that my mom said she cried much of the way home after dropping me off. Of course, I was the oldest, first kid to college, so she hadn't been through that yet. And, who wouldn't cry saying goodbye to me :). Kendra, I don't remember hearing about mom crying when she dropped you off :). Love you.


Anonymous said...

***Sniff, Sniff***
Awwwwww.....Carrie, YOU ROCK!!! That picture of us is one of my favorites....and I don't have many of us for some reason. Oh, so many things you taught me my freshmen year, and though you probably don't know it, you planted a seed in me that has now blossomed into a God-fearing, God-honoring, homescholing wife/mother of 3! You taught me to always put your PJ's under your pillow, but more importantly, I remember you would be sitting at your desk always writing a letter to someone...and I tried to take that with me....but I'm still working on that. My biggest telling you to lie for me when my family called at 2am and I was MIA with some guy who was BAD news...I took advantage of our friendship, and for that, I am deeply sorry!
Oh Carrie, theses are just a few memories I have of you....there are many more....all of which I will treasure for always! Luv you Dile!!

A, B & C said...

My roommate was so cute! She was about 4'10" and weighed maybe 90 pounds wet, but she was the loudest person I've ever known. My favorite memory of her is waking up every morning to a slipper in the face, arm, stomach, etc. I am such a heavy sleeper... she had to wake me up during a fire drill once... that I rarely heard my alarm. She would, every morning on cue, pick up her slipper and somehow throw a curve ball up over the top bunk, bounce off the ceiling, and land on me! We loved making Easy Mac, watching friends, and making jokes about our crazy RA who had "code words" for all infractions!
You have made me think about such great memories... I need to find Jen's email and send her a note!

Ewokgirl said...

I had a rather unique situation. My family moved to Europe when I was a junior in high school and my sister was a college sophomore. My dad didn't want to worry about her finding housing when he was so far away and unable to help, so he bought her a condo. (Yeah, we're WAY spoiled.)

Since I chose to go to the same university, my parents made me live with my sister my freshman year. That was good and bad. Good because I didn't have to share a room or bathroom with anyone, and I could have my guy friends over all I wanted. (Nothing inappropriate--it's just that Baylor used to have very strict dorm rules regarding the opposite sex.) It was bad, though, because I didn't really meet too many girls. So many freshman made lasting friendships in the dorms, and I didn't get to experience that. My dad actually regretted that, so to make it up to me, he paid for my sorority the 3 years I was in it.

The nice thing about having my sister for my roommate was that when we were irritated with each other, we could yell all we wanted without worrying about completely destroying our relationship. After all, we grew up doing that. ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh my, sooo many memories from my freshman year! I had a great roommate (though she was from the area and disconnected from a lot of the traditional craziness associated with the first year of college) but I remember how my wing was the token crazy freshman wing...lots of boys, lots of pranks, lots of fun equals not so many good gpa's :) But, we all survived and have so many memories of that first year of freedom!

Hope the first weekend at NWC is going well for the Residence Life staff...thinking of you all and hope that the RD's can get rested up soon!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

What fun memories! I need to do better about keeping in touch with my roommate. We lived together for three years and were in each others wedding, but we haven't talked in about 5 years!

Anonymous said...

It was fun to see this post and comments about freshmen roommates. :)

Even though we were never roommates, I met my dear friend Julie when we were freshmen (35 years ago this fall!) -- what a treasure her friendship has been to me. I wish we lived closer to each other, but we get together as often as we can. In fact, we just spent this past weekend together (along with our husbands).

Love you -- Mom

PS: Eric, I cried most of the way home, too, after dropping Carrie off for her freshman year...

mer said...

Well, my freshman roommate was sweet, but we had little in common. She went home EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND b/c her boyfriend lived there. Needless to say, we didn't really bond.

This is a better story. This really cute senior saw me walking across campus during freshman orientation, looked me up in the freshman directory, and called and asked me out. I met him for chapel first, then agreed to go on a date with him. The rest is history. I never dated another guy...we were together the entire year. After he graduated, he proposed, and we've been married for 17 years. Sweet, huh?