Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Garden abundance

Our garden is produce-ing (ha) a ton right now! In the last few days, we've picked dozens of tomatoes, green peppers (with red ones on the way), green beans and onions.

So what do we do with it all? I'm excited to squirrel away onions and potatoes (soon to be harvested) for the winter--we store our onions in an old pair of pantyhose, tying a knot between each one, and just clip them off as needed. After saving some out to eat fresh, the green peppers and green beans are chopped and put in the freezer. (Mary Ann gives helpful instructions on freezing green beans here.) I haven't decided yet what to do with all the tomatoes, though we have given a lot away already, especially since my husband is allergic to them!

Anyone else have a garden report?


Jody said...

Well, I was going to say can them, but if your hubby is allergic I suppose tomato sauces aren't used much in your place. :)

Tracy said...

I was just thinking I should post about my garden! (I probably still will) I have tomatoes but only 2 have turned red so far. I can them and use them for all sorts of stuff.

My squash is taking over. I have so much! And I have some that need to be picked but there are bees, bees, bees! I got stung the other day so now I'm afraid to go near!

justabeachkat said...

I do my onions the same way. Sure wish we lived close enough for me to run by and get some of those tomatoes. Yum!


Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Bummer that hubby is allergic to tomatoes. Our new puppy demolished my tomato plant this year, which is a bummer since it came all the way from the States.
Oh, and I thought your pun was very clever!

Susan said...

Bummer about the tomatoes! Would have loved to take some. I also published a yummy zucchini recipe that uses tomato sauce from the More with Less Cookbook at my blog.

Would love to have a garden. Maybe I can grow a couple of tomato plants off my balcony next year. Also appreciated the onion storage suggestion, I just bought a ton recently.

Kara K said...

Carrie, did you know that black walnut trees produce a toxin that kills tomato plants? Our neighbor has one of these trees which is probably the reason as to why my tomatoes are suffering.

RubyShooZ said...

Around here the local food pantry will accept any garden produce that you'd care to donate.

I think this is great since it's a good way to share with others less fortunate *and* do something with those vegetables that are coming out of our ears.

Peace love and tomatoes.

~ RS ~