Monday, August 13, 2007

Seeing things firsthand

On a rare trip to the mall this weekend to purchase several gifts, I realized how uncomfortable I felt there. I have gotten so used to buying secondhand, that even department store clearance sales didn't fit the bill (pun intended). I also couldn't help but notice all the shopping bags others were carrying. (On that note, I refrained from taking a bag from each store where I purchased something, and instead nested all of the items in two sacks.) I have never really been a "shopper," although I do like browsing certain stores, and am always excited to find a genuine and practical bargain.

What about you--do you buy secondhand? If so, what? What don't/won't you buy used?


Theresa said...

I buy everything except underwear (LOL) from garage sales and second-hand stores. Our whole house is second-hand! Refrigerator, table/chairs, curtains, living room furniture, beds, dressers, tv, vcr, dvd player, dvd's, aquarium, blankets, even our wood laminate flooring and the carpet in our bedroom came from an auction!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable at the mall! I often look for something we need secondhand first -- then buy new if I can't find it.

I have never been keen on buying upholstered furniture used, and I seldom have found decent secondhand shoes. But I have found black slacks and jeans that were better than anything new I could find!

Happy bargain hunting! Love, Mom

Meredith said...

I agree--I can't even shop at the mall anymore. You can find some great deals at the department store clearance racks, but to me, that takes as much time or more than thrift shopping!

Every furnishing in my house except the sofa (a wedding gift) is secondhand.

Leah in Iowa said...

I, too, don't feel all that comfortable mall shopping. For me, I think it breeds discontentment. I have to find things *very* discounted before I feel alright purchasing them. Suzanne found some brand new-looking cowboy boots at Goodwill for $3 the day before she left for horse camp, so I know the bargains can definitely be found.

Ewokgirl said...

I'm not a big mall shopper, but I'm also not too into buying secondhand. I'm working to change that a bit, but I doubt I'll ever stop buying new clothes. I just know where to go to buy them.

I, too, believe that malls breed discontent. I don't like being in them, as I often find myself wishing for things that I see. Things that I didn't even know existed before setting foot inside the shopping center. I don't like that feeling. I'm not one of those women who shops as a hobby (thank God!), so I rarely shop without a real purpose.

thehomespunheart said...

I don't love shopping at the mall - though there are times I want something new. Furniture, shoes and undergarments are my most likely new purchases. Though, our thrift stores are very different here - so I have bought more new clothes than I used to.

I often prefer something old to something new when it comes to home things - think flea market vintage - unfortunately these items are often NOT available at thrift stores.

I'm willing to pay a little more for something either better quality or that I will enjoy more.

Rebecca said...

Nearly everything.

My husband had a friend from work over last evening, a young man in his mid-20s. He said he thinks it's cultural that people his age don't think about buying things second-hand - they just get online and order it (he said).

We need to have him over more often. lol