Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Where were you?

I was teaching 8th grade language arts in Colorado. I distinctly remember that it was school picture day. The staff had gathered around the sign in front of the building, and many teachers were saying something about a plane hitting one of the WTC towers. At the time we had no idea of the true impact.

Classroom TVs were on for much of the day--hard to know how to address grammar when people's lives are literally crumbling. I was also teaching in a high-military area--many of my students' parents had been serving overseas, and it defintely hit a nerve for them.

My thoughts today are with those whose lives were directly affected.


Anonymous said...

I was preparing to head to chapel when the towers were hit, as I was supposed to be the chapel speaker that day. It was a message that was never delivered. When news began to spread, the campus appropriately ceased normal activity and engaged in prayer, conversation, and comtemplation for much of that day (and beyond).


MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I had just gotten up and turned on Good Morning America. The first tower had been hit and I, and rest of the GMA audience watched in disbelief as the second tower was stuck.

I remember picking up Mom, we went to lunch and a quick errand. It was erie how quiet every place was.

Lisa said...

this is a day that will forever be etched into our hearts and minds. my memory of the day goes along with eric's. eric, you were actually the one who called me and told me the news. i initially thought you were still trying to get me to share a story in chapel but i went speechless when you said "turn on the tv, our country is under attack." my apartment quickly filled with students all glued to the tv when they weren't calling home to check-in with their families. many of them needed to hear comfort from their mom and/or dad. at some point we all gathered in the chapel and i remember standing in the back and watching the faces of students as word quickly spread to those who were in morning classes.

Anonymous said...

The first word I heard about what was happening was on the radio as I drove to work. I heard the announcer say that all the airports in the country were closed, and I knew something huge had happened to prompt that action. When I walked into my office, a TV was on and my coworkers and I watched in horror as the planes flew into the WTC towers. As others have commented, normal activity ceased. What a grim day for all of us.

A small chapel near my office was open that day for anyone who wanted to come to pray. I remember sitting in the quiet pew with a few strangers -- we were all grieving together.

I was just thinking this morning about all the expectant mothers that lost their husbands that terrible day -- their children are now probably starting kindergarten or first grade.

It is important to stop and remember -- the horror of that day has faded and our lives have mostly returned to "normal." Thank you for providing an opportunity to reflect again on how that day changed us.

Love you, Mom

Ewokgirl said...

I had just turned on the TV to watch Martha Stewart, but it was all news. Took me a moment to really grasp what was going on.

One of my friends was working for the justice department of the U.S. government in Dallas. She said the owner of the building they worked in kept asking when they were going to shut down for the day. They finally realized that he didn't feel safe having them in the building that day, so they closed up and left early.

2boysmama said...

We live on the West Coast, so I was getting ready for work and my MIL called and wanted to know if we were going to be in any public places that day. I had no idea what was going on, so she briefly told me then I turned the tv on. I watched live as the 2nd tower fell.

My husband was working at Disneyland at the time and he got sent home b/c they closed the park. I was teaching HS Math at the time and it was a very difficult day.

It was an eery day not to hear any airplanes b/c we lived close to an airport. That night about 2 am we were awakened by the scream of a jet plane doing patrols. We joined all the neighbors outside.