Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn bounty

Carrots, honey and edamame from the farmer's market, with our final garden harvest of the season: several green and red peppers, a handful of green beans and a few tomatoes. We had to cover our garden this weekend as there was already a threat of frost. (I'm sure that makes all you Southerners want to faint!)

As if that wasn't enough fresh locally grown produce, the aforementioned acquaintances indeed blessed us with a large bag of apples (in addition to the ones I rescued from the ground).

We thank Thee, Father, for Thy care /And for Thy bounty everywhere;
For this and every other gift, / Our grateful hearts to Thee we lift.
--a common table grace


A, B & C said...

How wonderful! It's making me so sad to see our empty fridge drawers and fruit bowls. The frost is bad for the garden but I love the fall weather that comes with it!
Abbey :-)

justabeachkat said...

Frost? Already? You must be kidding! Wow!

Nope, it's still beach weather here.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

I could live on vegetables alone. I can't believe you have frost already!

Kara K said...

I love edamame beans! My co-workers make fun of me because I eat it in the afternoon as a snack out of a coffee cup.

Also, I just looked at recent pictures of your bouncing baby. You can tell Eric the captions are great. They make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Great harvest! :) The frost is holding off in our area, but it won't be long!
Love, Mom