Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sometimes the simplest things . . .

. . . can make the biggest difference!

According to green living, the most important thing to recycle is aluminum cans. The site says that a computer or TV can run for three hours because of the energy savings of recycling just one aluminum can!

Other facts from the site: It takes 95 percent less energy to make a new aluminum can from recycled aluminum cans. The aluminum can you recycle today will be back as a new aluminum can in 60-90 days.

I don't drink pop/soda/Coke/soft drinks (trying to hit all the different regional terms!), but my husband does, and we also keep it on hand for guests. I make it a point to recycle not just aluminum cans, but plastic and newspaper as well--it takes so little time and makes a big difference!


Frances said...

Carrie, I'm not sure if the site mentions this, but I recently learned that we should NOT include aluminum foil in our recycling. Turns out that the foil is made from the refuse material that sinks to the bottom of the vats of molten aluminum. So remelting the foil would just be sending more of the bad stuff into the mix.

Aluminum cans were among the first of my "you must recycle this!" subjects when I was 13. I remember learning that the bauxite used to manufacture original aluminum is harvested from rain forests, thus destroying precious animal habitat. I'm not sure if that's still true, but I will do what I can to keep cans out of the trash!

Ewokgirl said...

My city has made recycling so easy. We have giant bins that are picked up every 2 weeks, and we only have to rinse out our recyclables that had food. We don't have to separate them or remove labels or anything. With a recycling program that simple, there's not reason NOT to participate.

During the week, I have a basket near my dining table that I toss my used newspapers into. I have a dedicated recycling bin in my kitchen, also. My husband and I empty the two containers once a week into the big outside bin. It's so simple, it's pretty much brainless. :-)

Summer said...

That is a very interesting fact. We hardly ever drink soda in cans around here but when we do we recycle them.

Tracy said...

Since I live in Michigan (10 cent refund on aluminum cans!) recyclying cans is a religion. Honestly, kids roam the streets and collect cans to get candy money. Except there are hardly any cans on the street because everyone recycles them! 10 cents!

When we lived in Pennsylvannia I almost had a heart attack when people threw cans away. It pained me!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carrie -- as you know, we are long-time recyclers. It "makes sense" to re-use/recycle everything we can -- I believe it is part of being a good steward.

I have made recycling bins for cans and paper available at my office as well, and I'm always shocked when people think it is easier to throw something in the trash can than in the recycle bin!

Keep up the "green" reporting!
Love you, Mom

PS: I've heard the same thing that
Frances posted about aluminum foil, so I don't put that in our recycle bin. But I do re-use it whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie;
I just took a load of aluminum cans to the reclying center on Tues. I had 11 pounds (for which I received $6.05) I guess that's enough to operate my computer for the rest of my life! :) However, I will continue to recycle cans, plastic, newspapers,etc as long as I am able!
Keep up the good stewardship!
Also, congrats on the "potatohs"
from your garden!
Love, Grandma