Friday, October 12, 2007

Birthday update

Wow--you blew me away with all your sweet comments on the post about my husband's birthday! Rest assured, I was not saying 35 is old--I was saying I thought so when I was only 8! Eric appreciated all your kind words and wishes, and he was a star, as he ended up giving me much on his special day while I was ill. He has really picked up the slack around our home this week and I am very grateful!

For Eric's birthday dinner, I made a Thai coconut chicken dish, homemade applesauce (he loves it!) and his favorite cake. Joy calls it Chocolate Caramel Crunch Cake, which is more user-friendly than the name I learned it by. Let's just say that on the back of the Betty Crocker box, it's called "Better Than Almost Anything Cake."

A few years ago we decided to give each other experiential gifts for our birthdays. This year, I set up a game night for a group of his guy friends, and provided root beer and snacks. Then in a few weeks, we'll have a date to Olive Garden and a hockey game.

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Carrie said...

GREAT idea on the birthday gifts. That's sort of what we do too (we both like going to concerts and plays so this works well, providing something comes along around the same time as our birthdays that we actually want to see!). But purposing to do this is a great idea!