Monday, October 1, 2007

Living beyond myself

Over the weekend, I had my third monthly retreat. In some ways, it seemed like I had just had one, but the calendar clearly showed that another month had passed. I think my attitude showed it was time for me to get away as well.

Do you sometimes feel like your sin is right in front of your face, that your attitude is "off" and your words and actions are not what you aspire them to be? (see Romans 7:15) That was last week for me. Saturday morning I woke up tired and lacking in patience. Holing up in a quiet place with my Bible, journal and a couple of books was just what I needed--once again.

This book continues to challenge me. Even though I've already gone through it twice, I continue to underline new passages. In chapter three, readers are encouraged to truly consider what their desires are. I wrote in my journal that I didn't want to think about my desires, as that has been a key problem I've identified lately: that I have been too me-focused. But then I realized that is a desire--to seek to be more selfless, more patient, more nurturing. These times of reflection have been so helpful in getting me back on track!

I love the phrase of my post title, which is the name of a Beth Moore study on the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5). It's a desire I want to live out better--to seek to live beyond myself, to serve God and the people He puts in my path.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

What a wonderful idea! I need to do something like this as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Susan said...

Oh, you are talking to me. I am too selfish to do this naturally. I definately need Holy Spirit to live beyond myself.

Trina said...

I just love those times that I get to sneak away for a little Lord time. I especially enjoyed the Beth Moore study you refered to...I think it was my favorite!
Many Blessings,

Jthemilker said...

Great thoughts on this. I too have been enduring a time of struggle trying to let go of my own desires and grasp onto what the Lord desires of me. I often pray that the Lord will take from me the desires that he does not will for me. Just let me get over it and move on. When we focus on our desires we can so quickly fall into discontent and the Devil does a dance. We must overcome such thoughts! I have a lot of thoughts on this topic. I am intrigued by what you have shared. God bless you.