Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Meeting Nicole

After introducing you to this book and giving away 6 copies courtesy of Tyndale, I got to meet the author last week! My friend and I went to a local book signing, and it was so fun to chat with Nicole and snap this photo:
I also made this recipe that Nicole recently posted on her blog, and it is delicious! If you like apples and caramel (and who doesn't?!), you should definitely give it a try. Note: the instructions indicate a half-hour baking time, but I found it took almost twice that long in my oven.


Lisa said...

That's great that you two finally met :)

Niki said...

oh yum!!!! Thanks for passing this recipe along...I am going to give it a try! )(though I probably shouldn't, I'll just end up lovin it and eating it!!!)

Anonymous said...

What a special treat to be able to meet this author -- great opportunity. :) I'm looking forward to reading her book.
Love, Mom