Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The theme this year for MOPS is "the home factor," so at each meeting, we discuss a different room of the house. We've talked about the dining room and how to create special memory-making meals for our families. We've covered the family room, learning guidelines for what we allow our children and ourselves to watch on TV. This week we discussed an area in our home that I rarely think of--the doorways.

Our speaker encouraged us to think about doors--how important they are in welcoming others when they're open or in providing boundaries when they're closed. (Our verse for the day was Deuteronomy 6:5-9, which of course made me think of when my sister literally inscribed her doorpost with Scripture.) The message this week encouraged us to consider what our front doorway communicates to people, so our speaker asked us a few questions: Is the outside of our home welcoming? With the way we live, do we give the impression that we're a revolving door (constantly rushing around), a door with a "do not disturb" sign, or a door that says WELCOME?

I think we were all touched by the message. I was challenged to be more intentional about welcoming others into our home. We have a few groups we host on a regular basis, but I want to pursue extending invitations beyond that. I want our doorway, and our lives, to say welcome.


thehomespunheart said...


I LOVED this post - it touches a place in my heart that I feel strongly about too. I can tell that I would love each of the MOPS sessions geared toward each room of the home.

This is something I truly desire for our home as well - and I had not thought of it in terms of "doorways" - thanks for sharing this!

tas said...

ohhh, there are wrapped presents for you on monica's page......pretty cool wrapping

Niki RuralWritings said...

The gift of hospitality and making people feel welcome in your home begins at the front door that's for sure! I love the idea of scripture on the doorpost/frame!

Anonymous said...

This is a touching and challenging message -- while it has always been my desire to be welcoming and hospitable, I fear that lately our doorway has been more of a "revolving door." We are seldom home long enough to be hospitable anymore! :(

Thank you for the timely reminder that the front of our home sends a message to our neighbors and those who pass by.

Love you! Mom

mer said...

Great thoughts, Carrie. Makes me miss MOPS. I did MOPS for 8 years and it was a huge blessing. So glad you're a part of a group there, and so glad you shared what you learned. Thank you.

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

What a wonderful reminder!

Susan said...

My husband actually made our doorway welcomey. He put up sign on our door handmade by some friends with our last name on it. A wooden Bible verse on the frame outside our door and a sweet doormat! You would have thought someone like a crafty woman did it. Roy is very creative and manly!!! He is very thoughtful at placing things in the home that touch people since 99 percent are not Christians here. He is such a challenge to me!

Katie said...


I love posting scripture around the house - I've written or painted directly on my walls, above our doors, etc. I posted about it a while back on my blog.

I love hearing about how others do so to!

I've never been involed with MOPS but have heard so many wonderful things! I should look into it more!

Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this. I too agree that our doorways should be welcoming, showing hospitality to all who enter, although I'm afraid I'm not always true to that conviction.

Sounds like the MOPS organization is really neat.

Love, Grandma

spaghettipie said...

Hospitality is so important to me, and we do make an extra effort to invite people over to get to know them better. I love the thought around making my front door look physically inviting, though. I finally got our front porch cleaned off from junk, but now it's kind of empty and boring. I'll have to give that some thought!

Kelly Malloy said...

That is beautiful! Now I want to work on making our front door more inviting!