Monday, November 26, 2007

Stuck in a (beauty) rut

UPDATED Tuesday night: What a riot! I had no idea so many people would respond, and moreso--be so honest and specific! Responses ranged from 2 products (my husband, who forgot to include toothpaste in his tally, thus it should be a whopping 3!) to 16. I enjoyed reading your lists. As for me, I went without mousse this morning and I was surprised that I could really tell a difference! At $2 a can (Suave), I think I'll stick with it. But I'll continue experimenting to see if other products can be dropped from my routine. Thanks for commenting--these little surveys have been fun!

Sometimes I wonder if certain beauty products really make a difference (mousse, for example) or if I'm just using them out of routine (or hope?) If you were to rummage through your supply of toiletries, I'm curious what you would find.

This little survey is just for fun--how many beauty products (lotions, makeup, etc., but nothing medicinal) do you use in an average morning (just your "getting ready" routine including shower)? Have you been using any product for more than 5 years (brand loyalty, hopefully not the same container!)?

My answers: 8 products in the morning; I sheepishly admit I still purchase Clean and Clear out of habit--I think a switch is long overdue!

I want to experiment a little and see if there are any products I'm using that I can do without. As I tend to have dry skin, I know I won't get rid of my moisturizer, but I will re-evaluate other products in my current "line-up."


MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I use 3 products in the shower, and as far as make up I use 7 products. I have been loyal to Cover Girl foundation since I was a teenager.

Leah in Iowa said...

Hmmm... let's see...

In the shower I use shampoo (no conditioner, as it leaves my hair limp) and either moisturizing soap or body wash. So two.

Getting ready there's body lotion, mousse, toothpaste, deodorant, five makeup products and hairspray. So ten.

Things I'm loyal to:
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lotion
Sure Unscented deodorant
Paul Mitchell mousse
Cover Girl liquid/powder foundation
Mary Kay lipsticks & blush

With the other things, I'm okay with switching. Especially with the scented body washes and shampoos.

Frances said...

I was beginning to think well of myself because I rarely put anything on my face in the morning, but I realized my products are still numerous:

1. shampoo (I have 3 different kinds in the shower, and Herbal Essences is a long-time favorite)
2. conditioner
3. facewash (Clinique foaming - I ask for it for Christmas every three years because that's how long it takes me to finish a bottle!)
4. soap (we love Irish Spring)
5. body wash (received as gifts - I add a dab to my soapy washcloth for the scent)

6. moisturizer (Suave)
7. hair gel (Suave)
8. defrizzer (free sample of Sunsilk that I'm really liking, so it might become a regular)

9. lotion (3 kinds open, two of which were gifts; Bath & Body Works creams work best, but I use Suave cocoa butter most often because it is cheaper)
10. deodorant (I've used Degree since I started wearing deodorant!)

11. facewash by the sink (Aveeno - I used it at a friend's house and fell in love)

12. does medicated Chapstick count?

Still, not too bad. I thrive on variety, so I sometimes throw other brands into the mix.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I use face cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, baby body wash (sensitive skin), lotion, and makeup. I am a very low maintenance girl though. I wear the same makeup everyday, so I don't have many of those types of products. I am brand loyal. If I like it, I just keep using it.

Leanne said...

Well... sometimes 10; 4 in the shower and 6 for my face including moisturizer and mascara. Somedays we go without shampooing and mascara, so that pars things down a bit.
One beauty product I'm strangely loyal to is face scrub for exfoliating and the generic walmart equate brand of antiaging cream (I think its a neutrogena knockoff). Its about 7.00 for something that would cost twice as much if I bought brand.
I have to deep condition my hair daily if I shampoo because its so dry.
I have one beauty splurge...its called Amazing Grace Perfume by Philosophy. I don't wear any thing else. I only wear it for going out or if I just need a pick me up! I hope they never stop making it or I will probably just go without!

Amy said...

I am a drugstore junkie so I have tried a lot of stuff. I am using Clinique (they sent it to me for my site) face wash and moisturizer and then I use a tinted moisturizer on top of that (I have super dry skin) from Wet & Wild. I use blush, eyeliner and eyeshadow (all Wet & Wild too). Hair products- I use a straightening cream and then I use a straightening spray if I straighten my hair.

In short, I am high maintenance :)

thehomespunheart said...

It doesn't feel like I use a lot - but when I type it all out, I may change my tune:

Shower: (3)
Dial soap
Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner

Getting Ready: (5)
Deodorant (any brand)
Purpose moisturizer
Clinique City Base Foundation
Cover Girl Blush
Chap Stick

If I curl my hair, add one for hair spray, which I lately do only about once a week or so. Once a week or so, I may also use a light lipstick - brand does not matter.

Susan said...

Let me see. Oh, I am using a lot of products.
In shower
Glyerin Soap
Herbal Essence Shampoo
Baby Oil &

Toothpaste and floss
Wash face morning water only
-nighttime cold cream
Clinique moisturizer
Vaseline for my lips
Deoderant- ok, I have this salt crystal from Whole Foods market for deoderant. It is a crystal rock I get wet and apply under my arms. It was the size of my palm and it has lasted me 2 years.

Bath and Body Works
Ponds Cold Cream

I stopped really wearing makeup in Europe for some reason. But when I do it is usually Cover Girl.

amy said...

I like to think I'm fairly low maintenance, but here goes:

conditioner--not every day

lotion--sad to say, not every day
face lotion/moisturizer
chapstick--every night--can't stand to sleep with dry lips

Am I the highest maintenance one to post yet? I use TWELVE things!!! Oh my! I guess that answers my question--I am NOT low maintenance! : 0

Anonymous said...

*1-2 daily - soap and shampoo (sometimes if I pour too much shampoo out, I'll just use it as my soap)

*shaving cream 2-3 times a week

So, my answer is 1-3 products daily.

Do I win? : )


Kara K said...
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Lisa said...

Good topic Carrie! And yes Eric, I think you win :)

Here I go with my products! I've listed my must-have brands :)

Biolage Shampoo/Conditioner
Face Cleanser (Oil of Olay or Target Brand if in stock)
St Ives Vanilla Body Wash (love this stuff!)
Deodorant (cannot remember the brand name but it is a purple container)
Face Lotion (Oil of Olay)
Bare Minerals Makeup (two powders)
Crest Toothpaste
Bath and Body lotion or spray a few times a week
Hairspray a few times a week

Niki RuralWritings said...

Well I am pretty simple in the product line up
I use plain ordinary Glaxal Base for a moisturizer, it seems to work the best on my dry skin.

I use a little blush, Dove Deodorant,Crest Toothpaste, sometimes a little Nivea body lotion, sometimes a little hairspray.

I am only loyal to Crest and Glaxal Base.

Deeapaulitan said...

I don't shower and wash my hair daily, so I don't know if you want to count the shampoo or the soap, but I'll list them anyway.
*Tea Tree Shampoo by giovanni organics - 3 years
*Lemon Verbena handmade soap - 10 years
*St. Ives medicated face wash - 1/2 a year (I'm still trying to find something that works on Menepausal Acne skin)
*Loreal Plentitude moisturizer. 3 years - when the bottle is empty, I may try something else, but I have been on this one bottle for 3 years.
*I rarely wear make up, but when I do, I use Bare Escentuals Minerals and have for a couple years. I love it and will continue using it forever probably.
*Dove deoderant - again, not everyday. 8 years. I'm hooked because my skin doesn't react to it. I only wear this when I am going out or to church.
*Tom's of Maine complete care toothpaste in peppermint - 5 years. LOVE it!
That's it. No hairspray, mousse, gel, etc. No body lotions, though once a month I do a hot oil body treatment and sugar scrub.
So 9 for me. But only 3 (toothpaste, facewash and face moisturizer) are daily.
There is, of course, the liquid soap by the sink that gets used several times a day, and the hand lotion that follows every dish-wash-up event!

Deeapaulitan said...

Oooo, I forgot one of my stand-bys. Eco-lips in mint. It's just a clear lip treatment that hangs on a carbinger clip on my purse, but I use it multiple times through out the day. My kids put it in my stocking every year because it takes about a year for it to be fully used up.

Liz said...

Wow...I'm not sure I want to know...

1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Body wash
4. Face wash
5. Deodorant
6. Toothpaste
7. Lotion
8. Face Moisturizer (Clinique, my only splurge, but I am trying a new product now, I'll see what I think after a few weeks)
9. Foundation
10. Eyeshadow
11. Blush
12. Mascara
13. Chapstick
14. Mouse
15. Hairspray
16. Oh...and...Shaving cream (sometimes I use conditioner as well)

Ouch!! Worse than I thought. I guess there are the days I skip the shaving, lotion, and mouse.

Amy A. said...

I'm not going to count, I think it may be embarrassing. But I will say that I am very committed to Jergens Shea butter cream and if they ever stop making it I will be a very, very sad woman.

Anonymous said...

Fun topic! When I counted up what I use, like Amy A. I found it embarrassing! I have several products that I am currently brand-loyal to, but most of them I could change if I had to. However, if they ever stop making vanilla Bonne Bell lipsmacker chapstick, that will be a sad day for me!
Love, Mom

Liz said...

Okay...I was the one with 16...Does that make me a winner or just high maintenance? My husband walked in right after I posted my comment and pointed out that I forgot body spray and my astringent (Just something I am using temporarily) 18? Really?!?!

A, B & C said...

I use shampoo and conditioner, and then body gel for soap... that's three.
I use a facial cleanser, lotion, and eye cream... another three.
Also deodorant, toothpaste, foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick... that's six.
I use twelve products total... wow!
I'm loyal to herbal essences, and I love the new Bath and Body works Sugar & Spice body gel.
I'm crazy about Secret, and love the new pear scent.
Make-up is pretty much anything I find on sale.