Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One year ago

December 18, 2006 was a big day for me. I was scheduled to be induced that evening, and my husband was at work. Being home alone for several hours, I was a barrel of nerves. Although I have little knack or patience for sewing, I decided this last pre-motherhood day would best be spent trying to finish Nathan's stocking. Yeah, right. I don't know if a seam ripper has ever seen so much use in a short amount of time! I, and the fabric, ended up in a heap on the floor.

I remember calling my dear friend Mandi in tears, telling her how terrified I was. She prayed with me over the phone, and it was such a sweet moment. Somehow I made it through that day. More importantly, I made it through the next day (in which I labored for hours only to end up with a c-section because Nathan's shoulders were too wide for me to deliver--He was and is built like a hefty football player!) and the next day (in which I held my son with weary mind and body for the first time).

How grateful I am for God's faithfulness this past year! I think it's so important to reflect back on significant events. I'll often say, "One year ago today . . ." I think it helps me find my place somehow. To remember the past, acknowledge the present, and look forward to the future. I can only imagine what I'll be doing on December 18, 2008.


Niki RuralWritings said...

It is so easy and such a blessing to look back and see that His arms were around us the whole time!
Happy Birthday little man!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to your little blessing! Psalm 127:3 :-)

Yes ~ I agree...God is so good!

Your story brought back memories of the birth of my son - he was big also and after long hours of laboring, a c-section was performed.... I thank God for the way He was with me the whole time!

Thanks for sharing your story! Have a wonderful day filled with lots of memories, praises to God, and smiles & giggles with your little (or not so little) one!


Ewokgirl said...

How very sweet! Happy Birthday to your little one!

Amy A. said...

Happy first anniversary of motherhood! What a special Christmas blessing. I loved that I was pregnant once during the Christmas season. It made me think a lot about what Mary must have gone through. So happy we have it easier these days!

Amy said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! Sharing birth stories is so much fun. It is just amazing what women can overcome and share!

Enjoy your day with your sweet little one!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

What a special day to remember. I hope you enjoy your little one's birthday! I remember feeling a big sense of accomplishment after that first year (kind of like, "Wow! We actually made it!"). Watch out! After that first birthday, time will start to fly!

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little man! And happy 1st year of Mommy-hood to you!

How right you are that we should savor the moments with which God has blessed us.

Lizzie said...

Oh how wonderful - another December 19 (I did add the numbers up right, didn't I? LOL) baby!

Similar story to yours - but mine was 6 years ago today (it's Dec 19 here in Australia already :P). I was induced on the evening of the 18th and (thankfully) delivered naturally the next day. She holds a special place in my heart because she is our only girl and our last baby. She woke several times last night out of pure excitement and with the boys asleep and Daddy out of town, we took a few minutes sometime around 3am to have a drink of milk and a chat :) I was trying to explain to her that it was technically already her birthday but she was adamant birthdays don't begin until daylight.

It has really struck me this last year that all of the kids are growing up (the boys are 9 and 7.5) but it hits doubly hard with my daughter I think :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Carrie...to both you & Nathan.(Of course, Eric too!)
It hardly seems possible that one year has passed since our "little man" came into our lives. I know he is changing rapidly. Thanks so much for the pictures you send. It helps to watch his growth progress, albeit vicariously.

I'm praying for a safe trip to Michigan for all of you and a One-derful celebration of Nathan's and Jesus' birth.

Indeed, God is SO good!

I love you, Grandma

justabeachkat said...

What a sweet post Carrie! It really is important that we take the time to remember. Happy Birthday to Nathan!

I'm playing "catch up" on my blog reading tonight and it's been fun reading all of your posts I missed while on my trip. Your s'more kits were so cute and a great fun project. I love personal gifts like that.

Christmas hugs!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I've been thinking a lot about this time last year, too! What a special Christmas gift! I'm proud of you and Eric --and of course, Nathan, too! :)
Happy 1st Birthday to Nathan!
Love you, Mom

Grace said...

Carrie happy birthday to your little man. I remember thinking of you this time last year. As Monica had kept me updated on your pregnancy. The previous poster was right. Time just starts flying now. So Hold on it will be an interseting ride.

P.S. I also had c-sections with my babies.

Carrie said...

I was induced as well and couldn't deliver in the end either. C-section for me too! It was a challenge but, as you have proved in your pictures, totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I love you so much! You are such a blessing to me and He is SO good! (I promise, I'll send you the pix soon too.)