Friday, January 25, 2008

Serve God, Save the Planet part 2

I really wanted to share this excerpt with you from the chapter "A Christian's Case for Earth Care":

"Contrary to some popular opinions, God gives only partial responsibility to humanity when He gives us dominion over the earth. Dominion comes from a Hebrew term meaning 'higher on the root of a plant.' Dominion does not mean ownership or even unrestricted use. Implied in our dominion is our dependency on everything under us. Cut the root out from under a plant and the fruit above it will perish, despite its superior position."

I am not a fan of the slang term "tree hugger" for people who desire to be more green, and appreciate what Sleeth says regarding those who care about the environment. "Being pro-stewardship is not a case of valuing forests more than people; rather, it means valuing human possessions less, and God's world more." Love that statement.

You can read part 1 of this series by clicking here.


Katie said...

Dear Carrie,

I was excited to search for this book online in our association of local libraries...and out of 41 libraries in the area that I can borrow from (they are all connected and we can reserve an item from any of them and pick them up at the local library in our city - so neat!) - there is only *one* copy in one library about 19 miles away. I reserved it and I should be able to pick it up within the week. :-)

I'm excited to read it, and I must say your blog and your posts in this regard really have me looking at the way I use electricity, throw things away, cook things, buy just have me thinking of how I can be more resourceful in all of these areas. I'm praying God will teach me how to not be wasteful so I can pass this onto my children as well.

Thank you for getting my heart stirred up this area - something I've always cared about but have definitely not taken as seriously as I should have!

One specific thing I was thinking about just yesterday as I was taking clothes out of my washer can I decrease the number of loads I do a week? How often do I really need to wash the clothes we wear? I immediately thought back to the post you did to tabulate how many loads the average family does....did you ever do any other analysis with that and do you know of any creative ways/guidelines to reduce laundry?

Anyway, I'm sorry this is so long....just wanted to share what you've had me thinking about.

As always, you are a blessing! Only 364 days until your 30th! :-)

Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carrie!!! I agree with the *tree hugger* thing. We just need to be good steward over what God in His mercy has given for us to live and enjoy. I do look forward to more encouragement in this area-thanks for sharin it with us. Have a Great B-day celebration! tammyp

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie ~ I had not heard this clarification of the meaning of the word dominion. It really gives a better perspective on our role as stewards of the earth, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing ~ Love, Mom

Frances said...

Carrie, I'm about half way through the book now and have to return it to the library on Monday because someone else requested it! :)

I got curious about how Dr. Sleeth's children are carrying out his mission (I had just read that Clark is a college student) and did an Internet search. This article might interest you - it features Nancy Sleeth and a picture of Clark (though he's somewhat obscured).

Frances said...

Oops, the link didn't come through. Here it is again, separated onto two lines:

Susan said...

I really like the quote about loving God's world more. Thanks for sharing.

A, B & C said...

I totally agree about valuing human possessions less- it's exactly what I'm always striving to do. Great post!

Liisa said...

I really like the bit about it not being a case of valuing trees over people. I know that is the mistaken impression many have. Thanks for sharing this!


justabeachkat said...

What a wonderful statement. Gotta remember that one.