Friday, February 22, 2008

Brunch recap

The brunch went really well. After posting the menu, I was a bit concerned that the caramel rolls wouldn't quite be enough, so I ended up making a batch of these as well. I also decided to bake the caramel rolls in 2 square pans instead of a 9x13. This way, I could set one pan at either end of the long table, and also I was more certain they would bake evenly. (Sometimes the middle can be doughy) The only bummer with that was the caramel seemed to harden after being out of the oven for a few minutes. I think I must have over-baked them because I don't remember that happening before.

You'll notice in the photo that I used paper napkins. I only have 6 cloth ones, and hadn't thought ahead about borrowing. Also, for bigger groups, I'm not opposed to an easy alternative!

I'm always so impressed by Meredith's presentation with serving food. I knew our table was going to be crammed with all the dishes so decided against a centerpiece/flowers/candles. My favorite accent is my small collection of pitchers. These were all gifts and I love pulling them out for special occasions!

I thought Jamie raised an interesting point when she asked what holds people back from having others over. I had to smile when she said the condition of her dining room chairs kept her from hosting guests for dinner. Our chairs are literally falling apart (Eric repaired one of the chair backs with nails and a strip of electrical tape!!) and are not a matched set. I really dislike them, and look forward to replacing them someday!


Anonymous said...

Your table looks great -- love the pitchers! :) Who else attended besides the new president and his wife? Love you, Mom

Liisa said...

I am glad to hear the brunch went well. The cheese muffins you added to the menu sound great!

I am inspired by your willingness to entertain when things (like chairs) may be less than perfect.

I too have worried about the condition of our furnishing and home when guests have visited but no one ever complains and don't seem to notice that we are in the middle of the neverending process of repairing and redoing our older home or that our livingroom chair is well loved and well fact it is the one everyone picks when they first come in!

I will be making an effort to care less about those things and not let them stop me from entertaining!


Mom2fur said...

I bet it all went great! And I'm sure the caramel rolls were yummy.
Don't laugh at me...I misread the paragraph about Jamie asking what holds people back from entertaining. I thought, at first, that it said 'what holds people--in their chairs.'
I thought you put sticky tape on the chair so they'd have to stay until they finished your rolls.
Really, I only thought this for about a nanosecond. I am NOT going senile.

thehomespunheart said...

Carrie - your table looked great and I hope everything went well! :)

The Stepford Wife said...

Looks like a really nice setup. You have more courage than me, I'm embarrassed to say. I'd have freaked out if such local dignitaries had come to my house for a meal. You know my current struggles in the home furnishings department... LOL!

Good for you for hosting them, and good for you for making such a wonderful, inviting spread for them. :)

Heather of Troy said...

I recently joined a Bible Study group called Bible Study Fellowship. Once a month after the morning meeting we have "fellowship" time and one of the ladies houses from our discussion group. On Feb 13 I drove to the lady's house, about 25 minutes from mine to find a half-million dollar mansion (half a million buys a lot in TX) with ornately decorated rooms including castle murals on each of her daughter's bedroom walls. As we sat down in her gorgeous dining room our group leader pulled out the hostess list and pointed out that next month no one had signed up to host. She said, "Heather, you're the only one who hasn't signed up since you're new to the group, so if you'd be willing to host that would be great."

I looked at the paper and noticed the date of the next gathering would be my birthday, March 12. I took a deep breath and silently prayed, "Lord, I offer my one-bedroom apartment to you and to these ladies. Please give me the courage to do this."

I smiled and said, "Of course I can host next month!"

As we were later taking a tour of the lady's house (that I asked for) another woman in the group said, "Oh you'll just love her girls' rooms." Shannon, the 30 year old mother of 2 said, "Oh, yes, I'll give you her number." She was referring to the artist that painted the castle murals on the walls.

I don't need a large house to show hospitality. I don't need fancy furniture to show hospitality. I know this...but it's so much easier when I'm showing hospitality to someone who lives like me.

Meredith said...

Good food is the very best centerpiece!

Katie said...


Lovely setup! I'm sure the food tasted awesome too! Thanks for sharing all the recipes.

I must say the one thing that really leaves an impression on me through all of your postings on this is your sweet spirit and attitude in accepting a task and doing all that you can to make it a special and warm welcome for the folks you were hosting.

As I was reading this morning, you came to mind immediately when I read Proverbs 22:11!! :-)

Have a great weekend Carrie!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Carrie, Your table looks great. I love your collection of pitchers!

Jamie said...

I had to giggle at the chairs! We make do with what we have to - don't we?! :-) Our chairs also needed some major securing before we were able to recover the cushions! My husband had the drill out working on them! Your table looked great. Good job on the entertaining. I love your white dishes and pitcher! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie:

Your table looks great and your food sounds yummy. Glad it all went well.
I too, admire your courage in entertaining such dignitaries with such grace!
I recognize the blue flowered pitcher! What a clever idea!

Love you, Grandma

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I am so glad it went well! I enjoy having people over, but once I do, I have to rest a bit before doing it all again! :)

Just Jenny said...

your table was very nicely set. chairs that don't match have been some what of an issue with us.

Here are 2 solutions to hold ya until you get new ones.

Paint them all the same color. Paint would cover up the repair job done to the chair. Worried about needing to sand is easy fix these day's. There is something called Liquid sand, put on all over the chair, it sits for a bit, then you can paint.

Other soulution is if you sew. You could make a slip cover for the chair. If you don't want to cover the whole chair, just do a slip cover over the back then do a matching pad to sit on.

jennwa said...

I am glad everything went well. I use to be nervous about entertaining but the more I do it the less nervous I get. I have learned people do not care about the furniture, the amount of space you have or even the food. It is mostly just about hanging out and having fun. I wish I had learned this sooner. Now I really enjoy having people over.

Gretchen said...

Hi Carrie,

I think your brunch table looked beautiful--very cheery with those pitchers. Isn't it funny what we get hung up on in our homes? Those chairs have no business making you or anyone else feel bad. But I fall into the same trap. My nice dining room chairs now have kid stains and doggie chews, but you know what? That doesn't affect the taste of the food or the company at all.