Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carried away

Whenever I come across another blogger named Carrie (via comments/links on other blogs), I am compelled to stop by for a visit. As I have found quite a few Carries in the blog world, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to them.

Carrie's Cooking Adventures

Carrie's Crafty Cottage

Chocolate the Other White Meat

Ginger Lemon Girl

Looking Through the Backyard of My Life

Natural Moms Talk Radio

Oak Rise Cottage

Pine Meadow Farm

The M-V Legacy

Three Girl Circus

I thought this was a fun way to meet some new people, and have you do the same! How many bloggers are you aware of that have the same name as you?

Note: I don't read any of these blogs regularly at this point, I've just been compiling this list for a couple months. I look forward to visiting all of these Carries today and in the future.


Carrie said...

Hi Carrie! What a lovely post! Thank you so much for including me in your list!! I love that you spell your name the same way I do! I am also a Christian and I love God with all my heart! I'm glad to know you do too!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!! I hope you will stop by my blog frequently!! It's nice to meet you! I just love that you did this post! I always get excited when I meet "carrie's" too, it's an old beautiful name that I did not appreciate when I was young, but I am thankful for the name now! Thank you again! I love that picture of you and your child!!

Katie said...

How fun! :-) Happy Valentines, Carrie!

mer said...

Great idea, Carrie!

I'm aware of two of other Merediths who blog. One is the Fabulously popular Meredith from Like Merchant Ships and the other Meredith is from my home state, and went to the same college I did. It's been fun to get to know them through their blogs!

Amy said...

Hee, hee! What a cute idea! I am sure all of the Carries are as lovely as you. Surprisingly, i have only come across an Amy here or there. Ironically, in my moms group, I think we are up to eight Amys. :)

Carrie at NaturalMomsTalkRadio said...

Hi Carrie,

Cute idea! Thanks for stopping by. :)

I've always liked my name, and it's cute how people pronounce it differently. Down South it's KAY-Ree. LOL

Northerners say Keh-ree (rhymes with scary)

When I was in Ireland, they called me Kah-Ree (rhymes with starry)

jennwa said...

That is a neat idea. I can not imagine how many Jennifer blogs there would be.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day

Carrie said...

Love the title...Caried away...too cute! Enjoyed looking around on your site.

I'm named after the youngest on Little House on the Prairie....yep, the one who falls on her face in the first minute of the show!

Nice meeting you,

Carrie said...


I never realized there were so many *Carrie*s in the world!

Niki RuralWritings said...

I only know one blog with my name, she is a quilter! Happy Valentine's Day, hope you have a special one!

Carrie said...

This is such an awesome post, growing up I never knew another Carrie, only Kari's, since growing up I have met more, all these blogs look great :-)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

There are a lot of Carrie's! I am so thankful that you have symbols by your name so I can easily recognize you in my comments! :)

Carrie said...

Hi Carrie,
What a fun idea. I will be visiting every one. My full name is Carol.
On another blog I saw mention of a Carrie at Violets Are Blue. Had you found that one yet?
By the way, I started making a list of blogs with the word Oak in the title. My neighborhood is on a hill and chock full of oak trees.
Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

Carrie J said...

This is fun. My name is pronounced the Irish way, Kah-ree. I was named after my Grandmother. Thanks for adding me to your list!

Carrie said...

What a fun idea! It's fun knowing there are other Carries out there blogging. :-) Thanks for including me on your list. :-)

Just Jenny said...

like you carrie, I feel drawn in to read any ones blog with the name Jenny. Enjoy you blog.