Monday, February 4, 2008

Recipe and idea exchange

Inspired by Shannon's Works for Me Wednesday (Backwards Edition) and an interactive feature in Taste of Home magazine (in which readers write in to request recipes from other readers), I would like to host a little recipe exchange.

Here's how it works:

I envision someone needing ideas for a special Valentine's meal, a recipe for no-fail pie crust, or wondering how to use up an enormous bag of lentils (um, that would be me). Obviously, we have the luxury to search for various recipes and tips on-line, but sometimes the options are so numerous it can be overwhelming! This exchange will allow other bloggers to share their tried-and-true ideas.

If you would like to participate by submitting a request, just leave me a comment on this post. Once I've recorded your name, contact info (either blog or e-mail address), and request, I will delete your comment. On Friday, after the submissions have been collected, I will compile them into a single post on my blog. Then the fun begins! People who have a tip or recipe related to your request will respond to you directly, and you can do the same for others' requests.

I may not have thought through all the "kinks" yet, but I figured you don't know if something works unless you try it! Once the post of requests is up, it would be great if you'd link to it on your blog, so we have the potential for more respondents!

Comments will be open until Thursday (2/7) at 11 pm CST. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to reading your requests! (And please don't respond yet about the lentils--I'll include that in the final post. Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

I would love suggestions/recipes for meals for large groups that are inexpensive and simple.

*carrie* said...


Great idea--but I need a way to contact you. Please respond again with your e-mail address.

Otherwise, I'll add it to my requests, and people will respond via my blog.