Monday, February 11, 2008

Serve God, Save the Planet part 3

Though I had hoped Serve God, Save the Planet would give more practical ideas for environmental stewardship, I found Sleeth's points to be very motivating. "To move from thought to action," he writes, "we must feel some discomfort with who we are." In the same chapter, he says that "Contentment does not result in change." So true. Sometimes I think it's hard to strike a balance between being too hard on myself and not hard enough when it comes to getting certain things done. Do you know what I mean?

For example, for several months, I've been planning to call our city office to find out if and where I can recycle tin cans and cardboard. I keep putting if off because I don't know the specific person to contact. (Not a great reason, especially after all this time!) I am committing to call TODAY, and I will update this post later this afternoon after having finally completed this little task.

It is powerful that the above quotes apply to all areas of our life--contentment does not result in change!

UPDATED at 11 am: I made the call, and it took all of two minutes! I got the information I needed, and it was great news: our local recycling drop-off does accept tin cans and certain kinds of cardboard. Posting this as a resolution gave me the motivation I needed. I was so inspired I made another phone call I'd been putting off. Yay!


jennwa said...

I am like that too, if I do not know who to call I put it off. Let us know how it goes.
Also I passed an award on to you.

Amy said...

I can relate to that- I would be the same way. Good luck in making your call! I can't wait to hear the update!

Katie said...


I just picked up this book from the library last week ~ I haven't read it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it and following along with your series. I think it will teach much invaluable information!

Great job on making the phone call and finding out the info you need - what a great example and motivator for all of us! Cross it off your to-do list - do you make those? I have several floating around at any given time... :-)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book.

Blessings to you this week!

Ewokgirl said...

I have to admit that I hate calling strangers on the phone, but sometimes it's necessary. Thankfully, our city makes it very easy to call various departments about city services. They even sent out refrigerator magnets with all the departments and phone numbers listed.

My action for change is to avoid as much as possible anything made in China. After reading Randy Alcorn's Safely Home, I just can't buy items that were made in China in good conscience. This is a hard one to follow, however, as it seems that practically everything is made in China! But if nothing else, it should keep me from spending money!

Susan said...

Oh, you got me! I have to say I have put off calling for this reason. Also right now, because I have a hard time with the language. I feel so proud when everything works out, all you have to do is pick up that phone. What is the worst that could happen?

Liisa said...

I have also found that to be so true. When I am content I am not motivated to change anything. It is only when something causes discontent that I am moved to action. ~sigh~ Gotta work on that!


Anonymous said...

Way to go! love, Mom