Monday, February 25, 2008

A stewardship prayer

To close my series of posts inspired by Serve God, Save the Planet, I'll end with this prayer from the final chapter:

"Dear Heavenly Father: Thank You for the bounty of Your gifts, for the beauty of Your created world, and for the sustenance You provide me every day, both physical and spiritual. Thank You for giving me everything I need in such glorious abundance--from the air I breathe to the water I drink to the food I put on the table. Please forgive me for taking Your creation for granted, and give me the strength and will to become a better steward of Your blessings. Teach me to appreciate all You have given me, and help me to restore the forests, mountains, rivers, and oceans so that they can glorify You, the creator of heaven and earth."


The Stepford Wife said...

I really, really like this prayer a lot. Is it OK if I swipe it?

Katie said...


I am still finishing the book. I am planning to email you with some thoughts and questions and such. I am so glad you posted on this book as I have learned a lot and been motivated to try harder in this regard. Thanks for all of your informative and encouraging posts ~ I'll email more soon about it!

Anonymous said...

Amen! Love you, Mom