Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lead foot

This morning, I was merrily on my way to a consignment store in a town about 25 miles away. I was all by myself and relishing the time alone by singing along to a favorite CD. A few minutes from home, I passed a state trooper who was going in the opposite direction. And I knew, just knew, I'd been speeding and was going to be pulled over. Which is exactly what happened. Sigh.

I fumbled around for the proper papers, as the officer came up to my window. I was actually pretty calm about the whole thing. I knew I was guilty, and I wasn't having a this-is-the-last straw kind of day. Mostly, I was embarassed because it took a lot of rummaging around in the glove compartment to locate the current insurance and registration copies! The trooper was kind and patient about my lack of organization, saying he sees this frequently. =) I did take the time to do an on-the-spot cleaning session while he was checking my license info.

Because it was only a "minor" infraction (less than 10 over, but I'm not sure what I was clocked at), he let me off with a warning. I thanked him, pulled carefully back onto the highway, and set my cruise control for 55. He was behind me for about 8 miles, so you'd better believe I was extra cautious!

This was my first warning, though not my first time to be pulled over. In my early 20's, in the span of 3 years, I picked up all 3 of my speeding tickets--all in our county or a neighboring one! I am certainly not proud of this, and am not promoting driving too fast. I am curious, though, for those who are willing to share: Have you ever been pulled over and/or gotten a ticket?


handfulofquietness said...

Thank Goodness I haven't been pulled over yet! I've only been driving though for 8 years. Now DH, he's been pulled over with just warnings 4 times in the last 3 years - silly man! SO glad you were able to get by with just a warning! I keep a little bag in the glove compartment with all that important stuff - it's just sitting in there *in case!*

Tracy said...

The first time I ever got pulled over was on my way to the church the day before my wedding!!! It was a state trooper and I had my dress and tons of other wedding stuff in my car so he let me off with a warning!!

The only other time I got pulled over was on the way to visit Chad at the hospital. The boys were with me and Charlie told him we were going to the hospital. We live in a small town and we actually knew the officer so he let us go!

No tickets- my dad scared the life out of me when I first got my license and told me I'd have to pay the increased insurance premium if I got a ticket!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when that happens! I've been pulled over for speeding twice in my life -- got a ticket once and a warning once. Ah, live and learn! Love you, Mom

Amy said...

Oh, I am sorry that happened! I woud have been doing the same exact thing (rummaging and searching).

I hate talking about this because I am afraid I am going to jinx myself. I have only been pulled over once and it was right after I got my license for running through a red.

I drive like a grandma though and I am always worried that I am speeding so I can just imagine how fun I am going to be when I get old :) Everyone is going to hate being behind me when I get older ;)

Happy Easter to your family!!

Jamie said...

1 ticket - I was going to be late to a own fault completely though! 1 warning - ran a flashing red light completely on accident! Have a great Easter!

mer said...

I am so thankful he let you off with a warning, and I know you are too!

I've had 2 tickets in my 22 years of driving. One was for speeding, and one was for crossing the center line. I was driving some youth group kids back from an evangelism conference (following the church van) and I was trying to find a cassette tape in the floorboard of my car. I guess that made for some erratic driving, and the police officer made me get out of my car and take a sobriety test. What made it all the more embarrassing was having the youth pastor and all the youth looking on...and oh, yeah, did I mention I was the pastor's wife and had never touched a drop of alcohol? Yeah, fun times...and a ticket to boot.

The last time I got stopped was about 4 years ago, here in my little town. I was taking my kids to school, and yeah, I was speeding. I'd had a rough morning which included a very emotionally charged telephone call, and when the officer walked up to my window, I just burst into tears. He was gracious and let me off with a warning, most probably because he preferred not to deal with my lack of emotional control. I was very thankful, and I pay careful attention to my speed these days. By the way, that was the only time my kids have ever been tardy for class (which they'll never let me live down) and I'm sure they told their teachers they were late that day because their mom got pulled over by a policeman. :)

Susan said...

I got a couple of tickets. Once for expired plate tags and another for a rolling stop at a 4 way stop. Bummer! But they just take your photo here in Germany. I am waiting for the day to see my photo in the mail because you never know where the cameras are. The local radio stations always try to give you a heads up where they are.

Jthemilker said...

Not in YEARS, thank God! But when I was a teen I had several and had to re-take my drivers test. NOT a fun thing... tho I passed and have been good ever since.

Ewokgirl said...

Yes. Once when I was 20 I was doing probably 15-20 over the speed limit on the highway. I was upset over some boyfriend problems and just not paying attention to how fast I was going. I received a ticket, which even then I totally knew I deserved.

A second time when I was 22 or 23. I was driving down some little one-lane road and never even saw a speed limit sign. The officer just lectured me and let me go with a warning.

Then, 2 years ago I was pulled over for apparently not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. I know I stopped, but I guess I didn't stop and sit. *sigh* By taking defensive driving, it was removed from my driving record, it cut the cost of the ticket in half, and I get a discount on my insurance for having taken the course.

Geez... I sound like a bad driver. But there was a good 12 years between my first and second tickets! My husband enjoyed calling me a criminal for a while after that. ;-)

A, B & C said...

I unfortunately got a ticket for running a red light as a teenager... I still feel terrible about it today, but am just glad that it was a small intersection and I didn't seriously injure anyone. It was a good lesson.

A few years later, I got one for driving about 8 mph over. I was going to see my then boyfriend (now husband) after a long time apart, and going downhill, but I was wrong and accepted/paid my ticket humbly.

A few weeks(!) later I got pulled over again for speeding, at about 10 mph over. When he asked if I had any other recent tickets, I told him about my speeding ticket a few weeks earlier and said how bad I felt about this. He was amazed that I didn't lie about the earlier ticket and asked why I told the truth. When I said that I was taught better than that, he nicely let me off with a warning. He probably knew that after I told my parents the story (I tell them everything), I would be in more trouble with them than any ticket would cause me!

Beckyb said...

First of all - I'm jealous - I WANT TO GO TO THAT CONSIGNMENT SHOP!!! Ok, now that I'm over that, I'll say whew - I am so glad it was only a warning - I am also a lead foot - I have to be CAREFUL!!!!!!! So this was a good reminder.

Have a GREAT Easter!!!

Mom2fur said...

Sounds like that cop was a good guy. I have to say, though, if you are driving in open country, sometimes it's hard to 'feel' that you are speeding. Many years ago, when there used to be a lot more farmland out on the East End of Long Island, I was tooling along a long and 'empty' road (as in, I was the only car). Now, I hate driving fast. I don't do highways any more, they just make me nervous. And I don't remember where I was headed back then, but...
...suddenly the car started to shake! I thought something was wrong and looked down at the instrument panel to find I was going...
I kid you not! It's a Theory of Relativity thing, I think. With nothing like trees or other cars to relate my speed to, I had no idea how fast I was going.
Phew...thank goodness that a)there were no cops around, 'cause I doubt I would have gotten only a warning and b)the car didn't fall apart around me.
BTW, maybe you should only listen to slow music when you drive!

Lisa said...

Before I moved to Iowa I had never got a ticket (pretty good for all those years I spent driving on So. Cal freeways!) BUT my very first came within the month of moving and I would think I would be safe to say that it very well could have been the very same officer as yours who gave me my ticket...and my second the following year! Iowa was bad luck for my driving record!

Hmmmmm, is your hubby going to answer this question??? I remember an early morning stop in the school van on the way to boundary waters! That trooper however is not nearly nice enough to give warnings!

Oh, Emily and I also got pulled over once as we were driving into town in the wee hours of the morning after going to Chicago for a break...he said he pulled us over because "no good can come from people driving this early in the morning"...crazy!! We hadn't even been speeding or anything, he just wanted to see what we were up to! CRAZY!!! He laughed when he saw our car full of IKEA purchases!

angela said...

I have been pulled over twice for speeding & once for a headlight that was out. I never received a ticket and I've never ever pulled the crying bit or the innocent act. When I was speeding and the officer said "Do you know why I pulled you over." I simply said "Well officer, I honestly do not know how fast I was going, but I was probably going too fast." With the headlight, I told him I knew it was out and had purchased the light that day. All three times I was let off with warning. I have not been pulled over in quite a few years for speeding and the light was about 3 years ago.

Towanda, PA

Jay's Mom said...

Hi Carrie!
I've been reading your blog forever but I'm always too shy to just post on someone's blog. I can relate with your "police" situation. My car inspection sticker is 3 months past due and the other day I went through a license check. Luckily, he did not notice the expiration and said nothing! I think it was God's way of telling me to get that fixed...

Love your blog!

p.s. I noticed you said you liked Pride and should read "The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen". It's amazing!

thehomespunheart said...

Ha! I'm laughing about all of this! :) David got a chuckle too!

I've never been pulled over but did get a parking ticket once for leaving my car in front of the airport door...did I mention it wasn't too long after Sept. 11? Yeah - I deserved it.

kelseylynae said...

When I was 16 I got pulled over in my home town going about 10 over. I was going down a hill and didn't even have my foot on the gas [believe it or not, I'm a very cautious driver]. When the officer asked why I was going so fast, I just said, "I'm sorry...I was speeding."

I thought I'd get away with a warning and a pat on the back for being honest...instead I got a ticket and cried the whole way home in fear of what my parents would say...which fortunately was, "If this is the worst thing you're going to do, it's okay," [and they even laughed at my hystarical crying!]