Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring cleaning your car

There has been lots of focus on spring cleaning lately which is fabulous, but one area that I often overlook is my car. After receiving 2 Living Green challenges regarding auto maintenance, I made sprucing up my car an item on the to-do list. My husband, thankfully, agreed to help with these tasks! The first Living Green challenge was to check the air pressure in your tires. The second challenge was to check your car's air filter, not something I would usually even think about! Here's a quote from an article about "green-ing" your car:

"Getting regular tune-ups, maintenance, and having clean air filters will help you burn less gas, pollute less, and prevent car trouble down the line. Pump up: if every American’s tires were properly inflated we could save around 2 billion gallons of gas each year! (Check your manual for optimal pressure). Lastly, get the junk out of the trunk! All that extra weight is sapping your fuel economy."

So if you feel led as you spring clean, check the pressure in your tires and clean or replace your car's air filter. Oh, and it also doesn't hurt to clean out your glove compartment, as I learned last week! These are small things that can make a big difference!

One more thing: Amy just linked to these ideas for homemade car cleaning products--what a great idea!


Katie said...

Our family van is in dire need of some spring cleaning and a little TLC! :-) I'll add this to my spring cleaning list!! I saw those Living Green challenges and guess I should probably learn how to do them myself anyway...but opted to wait to have hubby do it when he can. :-) Thanks for the reminders!!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Carrie!

Gosh, it seems f-o-r-e-v-e-r since I've been able to visit you. You've been very busy and I've enjoyed each and every post I've missed.

We had a ball on our California trip, but it's always nice to return home. I'm still gradually catching up on things around here. (Just in time before company comes next week...our daughter and my Mom and Aunt.)


Amy said...

Thanks so much for the link to the site, Carrie! I love the idea of greening your car. I tried to be green on the interior and used a vinegar and water solution to get my car clean. I need to do some "greening" on the outside though too! Thanks for the ideas!

Ewokgirl said...

Very nice, and often overlooked, idea. I may not always be on the ball with keeping our cars washed, but I do make sure they receive all regular maintenance. As a result of that (and the fact that I'm obsessive about my cars' oil and have even made them redo an oil change when they forgot to use my Mobil 1 oil), we've kept our cars in fabulous condition. One car is 8 this summer, and the other is 12. Our mechanic recently commended us on what great shape we've kept our 12-year-old car in.

While I'm the one who always takes care of maintenance, I will confess that I leave the airing of the tires up to my hubby. I don't like messing with dirty tires. I pull out my woman card on that one!

A, B & C said...

Our car needs a lot of care too. Great idea, Carrie! We are overdue for an oil change so we can take care of all of this at that time.

Glblguy said...

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