Sunday, March 2, 2008

Springtime in Carolina

Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers for me on Friday. 5 hours on a plane + 4 hours in a car + 3 hours airport time +2 emotional goodbyes = 1 long day! But I made it safely and overall smoothly.

We've had a wonderful visit so far--chaotic at times, of course, but so good to be together. I'm also loving the warmer temps. How fun to break out the flip flops on March 1--wahoo!!

Here are some photos from our time together:

My first view of my precious nephew, Samuel--he is so snuggly!
I love my nieces to pieces!
Playing in the backyard with Emily

I'll enjoy checking back in with you when I get home--not sure that I'll have a chance to post again before I leave. Three kids under 3 makes for a busy household!! My return travel is on Tuesday, and I'd appreciate your prayers for another long day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie: What PRECIOUS pictures!
Thanks so much for sharing them.
I know you are having a marvelous time in S.C. So glad the weather is warmer for you.
Please give everyone there my love and hugs and plenty for yourself too.
Of course, I will be praying for your long trip home. I know you will be glad to see your boys!

Much love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! I am glad that you and Monica have this time together -- with the long distances between all of us, these together times are all the more precious! Lots of love to all, Mom

jennwa said...

What an adorable baby.
We will see you when you get back.

Daily Jewels said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely...God is good!!

Enjoy your nieces and nephew



justabeachkat said...

So happy for you! The kids are adorable. Have fun. Safe travels back home.


Heather of Troy said...

I'm so glad you got to visit. I miss my nieces in Colorado like crazy and feel like I'm far from my own children sometimes. there's just a special bond since their mommy has known me and loved on me since I was born, too! I'm sure you feel the same way.

A, B & C said...

We'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Until then enjoy the rest of your time with your nieces and nephew. Get ready for some wonderful welcome home hugs!

Amy said...

Those pictures are so sweet, especially the one of you & Emily. Enjoy your time there and praying for a safe return for you!

Krista said...

Aaaaawwww! Emily looks so much like you and Monica in that sweet picture of the two of you. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

Glad you are having some fun auntie time! And flip flops in March, you must be a very happy Iowa girl :) Have a great last day in SC with Monica and her family!

Susan said...

That is a long trip! Looks like you are having a great time and glad you got to be there and help Monica.

The kids are so precious:)

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

How precious! I hope you enjoy your time with them.

Kathleen Marie said...

That is so awesome that you get to take a trip to warmer tips and loving family! Fun! Praying for a smooth ride home. Adorable photos!Hugs!

Liisa said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip! I enjoyed the photos on Monica's blog as well!
Praying you have a safe trip home!