Thursday, March 13, 2008


Thank you so much to everyone who weighed in about blog subscriptions. I signed up for Bloglines at the end of last week, and am loving it so far. I shudder to think of the time I've spent clicking around to see if a blog had been updated. It's so nice to have them all in one place! I still have some kinks to work through, but I like being able to click directly to the post so I can leave a comment. I wish I'd done this sooner, but am glad I jumped on the bandwagon. Thanks again for your tips and opinions!

I also appreciate all your ideas on photo storage. I need to think some more about which options will be best for our family, but I'm thankful for the inspiration you provided!


thehomespunheart said...

Carrie -
I'm loving this too and wondering why it took me so long to believe everyone that it really did save time!

mer said...

It sounds funny to say that Bloglines changed my life...but it certainly changed my blogging lifestyle! Glad you're loving it too!

By the way, if you figure out how to post a comment directly from the reader window, then please let me know. I really do seem to do a lot of "clicking" in order to comment.

jennwa said...

I se bloglines too and I love it.

Katie said...

I'll have to check it out too! Haven't had much time for blogging these days.

Oh ~ and since I'm a newbie at blogging.... my post earlier in the week was done early, early when my hubby left in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't go back to sleep and thought I would post while I had the chance. Well, I kept hitting "publish post" and changing things instead of "preview" and for anyone that has my blog in a reader like that...I think they probably received like 20 new posts! Sorry about that if that was the case! That shouldn't happen anymore. :-)

Have a wonderful day Carrie!

Amy said...

I am so glad that you did this!! You are going to save an incredible amount of time...I am sure. Then you will lose time because you are going to want to add five thousand blogs to your feed. :)

Susan said...

I am actually on blogger reader. It is saving a lot of time! I am glad you blogged about this so I could check it out for myself.

Kelly said...

Hey Carrie!

I linked over from your sis's blog - I love what you have here! It's such a great site! I'm excited to visit again. :o) I have to agree on bloglines. I signed up and put them into it this week and am loooooving it. Oh my to all of my old clicking around, eek!