Thursday, April 24, 2008

Grocery bargains

Updated to add: This store buys "closeouts" from groceries, kind of like Big Lots, so it's a really random selection, and they don't sell anything perishable. If you live in Colorado and would like location information, please e-mail me.

Whenever I read a post about Meredith (Like Merchant Ships) going to a discount grocery store, I always think I'd like to go to one--if I just knew where one was!

The other night while in Colorado, I noticed a store called Extreme Bargains, and it turns out it was a discount grocery. My mom and I went together, and I had to share my thrifty finds with you!

I've listed each item with the regular retail price behind it (prices from either the local Safeway store or the product's original sticker price), followed by the discount price I paid.

2 boxes of Betty Crocker cinnamon streusel muffin mix (my fave) $2.50 each/$1.25 each
Earth's Best crackers $2.79/$1.25
Gerber cookies (my son's road trip treat) $2.59/$1.19
Crystal Light lemonade drink mix $2.99/$1.50
2 Fiber One granola bars $ .50 each/$ .16 each
1 Power Bar $1.19/ $ .16
Chex Mix (my road trip treat) $1.59/$ .25
Gummi peaches (my husband's road trip treat) $ .69/$. 25
Bon Ami cleanser (not sure of retail price, so I'll just list what I paid: $1--I have a hard time finding it and bought the only two cans they had)

The total retail price for all these goods is $19.84; I paid $9.59.

What a fun outing! We had to check items carefully, of course, as there were lots of expired products and dented cans. The only thing I bought past the date was the Chex Mix, which expired just a month ago. I figured that was pretty safe for a bag of cereal and pretzels!

Does anyone else have a discount grocery store nearby? What kinds of deals do you find there?


Anonymous said...

It was fun to check out these bargains with you! Love you, Mom

mer said...

So, can you give me directions to this store? Sounds like I need to check it out.

I LOVE Bon Ami! I have a hard time finding it too, so you double-scored!

Katie said...

An ALDI store was built a couple blocks from our home about a year ago. I'm just now beginning to compare their prices with other supermarkets in the area. But that's all I know of as far as discount grocery stores around here. Getting bargains is so great!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where Extreme Bargain is located. We live in CO and would love to go to this store!


Mary Ann said...

We have one in our area. I rarely visit it. Almost everything is seriously expired. The prices are pretty good though and when I did go, I got ranch dressing for 50 cents a bottle and some slightly dented applesauce for 60 cents. This store even has frozen foods!

Jessica said...

Hey Carrie,
Wow! Your blog is great! I only spent a minute reading and will have to come back again - there is so much to catch up on. :) It was great to see you Sunday!

Steve & Molly said...

Thanks for sharing about your hubby's new job...I thought maybe I had just missed a post that explained all the changes! Ha ha. Isn't it wonderful to see how God provides so much more than we can ever hope for...this perfect-fit job for you hubby and now a great house, too! He not only provides for our needs, but knows the desires of our hearts and often blesses us with those, as well!

Wish I could find a discount grocery store like that...sounds like a fun outing and great prices!

Anonymous said...

Remember the baking chocolate I got for $1.25? It was priced at $4.15 yesterday at Safeway! Love, Mom

Jamie said...

I read Meredith's blog and think the exact same thing...I'm always wishing to find some amazing store like that! You'd think there would be one somewhere in the Chicago area but I have no idea where to start looking! I've tried online searches but haven't had any luck locating any such thing!

A, B & C said...

I worked in an American food store the first few years I lived in Paris. With all those imports, you can imagine that we had many expired products. I would be wary of dairy, meat, or other refridgerated products... those should be used by their dates. Most other products though, especially dry goods that will go through a heating process to cook them, can be used after the "sell by" or "best if used by" dates. I've personally made cake mixes or mac 'n cheese one or two years after their dates with no problems. Check out this website for more info
Also search the web for info on medicines safety expiration dates... you'll be surprised how long they can really be used effectively!
So be careful, watch for broken or dented packages, or packages that have ballooned... but don't let just a date stop you from saving money!

A, B & C said...
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Jeremy and Christa Nichols said...

Have you ever tried Barkeeper's Friend? That's my favorite powdered cleanser. It can do no wrong in my book, and in this area it's sold at Wal-mart. The less water you use with it, the better it scrubs.