Thursday, April 24, 2008

Provision, part 1: the job

Do you ever write posts in your head and later realize you never actually typed out those thoughts? Well, I guess that's the case with our upcoming transitions. I mentioned 3 months ago that we'd be moving in the spring, but apparently I never got around to explaining more about that!

So here are more details--part 1 will cover my husband's job, and part 2 will share more about the house story. Feel free to ask questions if you still have them after reading these posts! =)

My husband is finishing his 12th year working at a small Christian college and between us, we have lived on this campus for more than twenty years. Eric's job is not your typical 9-5 Monday-Friday position. As the main contact person for campus emergencies, discipline and housing issues, we regularly receive phone calls or visitors at every time of day. Though there are many perks and rewards of such a role, it is often very demanding work.

Eric's degrees are in math and business administration, and when he graduated from school, he planned to be a stockbroker. But God had other plans and led him here, to Iowa. When we were single, we each served as the live-in director of a dorm (Eric in a men's hall for 5 years; I was in a women's hall for 2), where we learned a lot about living in community. And we have continued to live in community. Our current home is in the middle of campus, so we have hundreds of neighbors!

We will be sad in many ways to leave this special place, but we're not going very far. For the past several years, Eric has desired to counsel people in an important part of their lives: their finances. Though he has casually pursued contacts in other places, God opened a door right here in this small Iowa town.

One day last year, Eric was out for a walk and noticed a new building. The sign outside indicated that it was a financial office, so Eric popped in to get some more information. What he learned greatly excited him. The advisors in this small firm are Christians, and take a unique approach to finances. Instead of just focusing on typical investments, they walk each client through a basic checklist for healthy finances. As an example: if a potential client came in wondering the best way to invest some money, this firm would sit down and consider all aspects of the family's financial situation before making any decisions. They don't charge advising fees to clients, and they don't advertise or solicit clients.

Anyway, Eric had lunch with the two advisors just to learn more about their office. It quickly become clear that there was a strong connection, and both sides begin to explore the possibility of Eric coming on board. We decided in the fall that this would be Eric's last year at the college, and that he would join the financial firm at the end of the school year. Eric has continued meeting with them regularly, and these men even wanted me to accompany Eric for a meeting to discuss details of the job, including benefits. That truly amazed me. How often does a spouse get that kind of input or invitation?!

As for timing, Eric will finish at the college in mid-May, shortly after graduation. He hopes to start his new job the first week of June. We are so thankful for the ways God has provided this new opportunity, and are also grateful for the time we've spent at the college and the relationships we've built.

Eric is conscientious, wise, and focused and his gifts have matched well with this relational position. I have no doubt he will do well in this next endeavor, and am excited to be part of it!


Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

I'm so glad you guys have such a wonderful, new opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, that was a beautiful entry! Isn't it amazing how God works and how His timing is always the best? It has been a privilege being your friend, co-worker, and neighbor during the past 6 years!

mer said...

It's so exciting to see how God provided such a smooth transition--from one job he loves to another, and in the same small town you love. I'm thankful for this new venture for your family, and will be praying that it goes well!

mer said...

PS--How did Eric enjoy his hike the other day??

Leah in Iowa said...

Your story reminds me of the verse/song "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord." So glad you are both tuned in to Him - His ways are perfect! =)

Katie said...

Thanks for this post Carrie! You know, the same sort of details of God's provision is really being discussed at our church too. One family just two weeks ago was at Wednesday night prayer meeting asking for prayer/provision about moving into a new home. They were feeling a nudge, but the *timing* would have to be just right and several things would have to fall into place. Well, last night at prayer meeting, they were giving a praise report about how God orchestated all the details and how they were going to discuss a counteroffer on a home after church. Now that I think of it, our pastor gave a message last night about God's timing as well! I'm just being surrounded with stories like this. Hmmm... God is so good! I'm so glad that God is orchestrating all the details for you! May this be a time of blessing!

gail said...

i'm so glad you wrote that post. that helps me put your moving and new job into line in my mind. and that is so cool that the Lord opened that door for Eric seridipitously.

i'm looking forward to our own move this summer and hope to be living in community at BSU. we'll see which doors the Lord opens for us.

gail in idaho

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

What a wonderful opportunity! It sounds like a perfect fit!

Susan said...

Fantastic! What a great way to be able to use Eric's gifts.

Niki RuralWritings said...

How exciting! Sounds like an exciting new challenge for Eric, and by extension, you! Can't wait to hear more about the house and see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Even though I knew most of this already, it was good to read your well-written account and be reminded of how it all came about and see God's hand at work. We know Eric will do well in this new endeavor. Blessings to all, Mom

Ewokgirl said...

I've been wondering why y'all were moving off campus! It sounds like a great opportunity for your husband. I'm glad everything has been falling into place.

justabeachkat said...

Sounds like this is a very exciting time for your family. God is so good...all the time!

Happy Sunday!