Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More random things

Frances tagged me to list 7 random things about myself:

*I am very good at remembering people's names, even if I've only met them once and haven't seen them for a long time. One exception is that I often get mixed up with Rob/Bob/Ron and Shelly/Stacy. Not sure why that is--some kind of mental name dyslexia?

*I am procrastinating on packing as I write this. I'm having a hard time taking things off the walls in our living room and kitchen, because I don't want to see them empty. (Speaking of packing, my favorite boxes are the ones that held copy paper because they are sturdy and a versatile size. Anyone else have a "favorite box"? Yikes!)

*I just love quiet summer mornings. It's my favorite time to take a walk and watch our small town wake up.

*Smoothies are a summer lunchtime staple at our house. Here's how I make them: 1/2 a ripe banana, 2 heaping spoonfuls of yogurt (our fave is Yoplait Berries & Cream), 2 ice cubes, and a handful of frozen fruit (strawberries, pineapple, tropical fruit blend) Yum!

*I avoid elevators like the plague. They totally freak me out! I don't need to use them very often, thankfully. We have only a handful of elevators in our entire town. (Unless you count grain elevators, ha ha!)

*I keep antibacterial lotion (mmm, coconut lime verbena) in my purse and use it (discreetly!) every Sunday morning after we shake hands during the greeting time at church.

*A silly confession: I often click over to this blog just to listen to the music. =)

Wow, that was definitely a random list!


Anonymous said...

These are random things! :) Good for you for being good at remembering people's names. I sometimes find that I wasn't paying enough attention when someone I meet tells me their name -- I'm definitely trying to improve that! Yes, copy paper boxes are great -- I like the lids, too! Thanks for sharing these fun facts! Love, Mom

Julie Anne said...

I like copy boxes and used them all the time when I was working at a college/seminary.
Now that I am home with kids, Luvs diaper boxes have become my favorite only because I have an abundance of them.

Linds said...

We love diaper boxes! :) We don't get them much anymore with cloth diapering and potty training but we have our stash of them :)

Happy Packing!

Ewokgirl said...

I hear you on the handshaking! I've been known to discreetly leave the service to wash my hands after the welcome if it's cold-and-flu season. Especially if any little kids have shaken my hand. Carrying antibacterial stuff would be easier.

mer said...

I love posts about random things.

When I went to pick my kindergartener up this afternoon, I helped a teacher carry in a bunch of copy paper boxes...and I was telling her how they were my favorite because of the size AND the lid. So funny.

Oh, and smoothies are a breakfast staple around here. We make them almost every morning.

I'm super freaked out by escalators, but elevators don't bother me. Weird, huh?

Susan said...

I always enjoy reading Random Things lists. I don't like touching anything in public restrooms or escalator rails, I need to carry anti bacterial cleaner with me. I checked out the music on the website you suggested, I really enjoyed the music. Thanks!

justabeachkat said...

I've enjoyed reading your list. We have at least two things in common. 1. I love to visit Cherry Hill Cottage and you're right - her music is wonderful. 2. I'm proscratinating with my packing too. Except my packing is my suitcase for our trip tomorrow. Packing isn't fun!


Frances said...

Thanks for sharing, Carrie! I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus now that I'm writing so much for my new job. We'll see if I find the time to continue sharing about our life at Loving and serving.

I've always admired my dad's efforts to recognize people by their names - especially the servers at restaurants. He uses their names every time he speaks with them.

The copy paper boxes I used to bring home from the library are plain white all around, so they're easy to label with colored markers and nice to arrange on the shelves.

I haven't made a smoothie in a while - can't wait for my next one! It's one of the two ways I'll actually eat bananas (the other being in muffins or bread).