Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The queen of misc.

When Eric and I got married, and I moved into this house, he told me I had a lot of misc., which is so true.

I've been labeling quite a few boxes lately, trying to communicate some semblance of what each one contains and where it should go. I'm finding as I go along that some items are harder to consolidate than others because I have a lot of random pieces that make categorizing difficult. I even labeled one box "Carrie's Cache of Chaos" and have been filling it with items that I just can't generalize elsewhere. What, for example, should I do with my U.S. quarter map? I've also kept the canning jars filled with dried lavendar that we used in our wedding--what to do with those?! Those two examples are just the beginning!

I am parting with a lot of items as we move, but if I continue in my misc.-y ways, I'm sure I'll be writing "Carrie's Cache of Chaos Part 2" on a box very soon . . .


Anonymous said...

Just like life where things don't always fit into nice neat categories, the same is true for our stuff! A 'cache of chaos' isn't necessarily a bad thing! :) Love you, Mom

Mary Ann said...

My husband's roommate during their bachelor days would mark almost every box 'misc.' :-)

I know how you feel though, some things just don't fit in neat categories!

Liisa said...

Oh I try when we've moved to sort things into categories but there really are just so many things that don't belong with anything else. I usually end up writing on the box every single thing in it! I will have to remember your "Cache of Chaos". Perhaps "Liisa's Lots of Loot" .....Hmmm I may have to work on that! ~smile~


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie:

I'm having a similar problem. I seem to label mine, Misc. Knick Knacks. (Even if they are not
really "knick knacks".) But mostly, I have everything categorized according to what is in them & where they go.
Happy Moving Day to both of us!!

Love you, Grandma