Monday, May 5, 2008


Have you ever seen the show Clean Sweep? If so, you know that at the end of the show, the clients host a garage sale with all their cast-offs. The organizer has the wife select one possession from the husband's keep pile that she would love to get rid of, and vice versa. These become the "bait" for encouraging the couple to compete for the most sales. I always find that aspect of the show both amusing and sad. Sometimes a spouse chooses something that is really sentimental for the other and I feel badly watching it be whisked away!

When my husband and I combined our stuff upon marriage, he made it clear that there were two particular items of mine that he did not like. I've kept them anyway, and actually in fairly prominent places. Until now. Over the weekend, as I was packing, I decided of my own accord to add both of these items to the donate/sell pile. To be honest, it's really less because my husband doesn't like these things, and more because I don't think there will be a conducive place for them in our new home.

So what are these items?

#1 This is a beautiful painted fabric print from Mozambique. I tease Eric that he doesn't like it because it's from a former boyfriend, which is true. But he assures me it's just not his style. I've appreciated its exoticness and the fact that it was brought from such a far corner of the world, but it's not really my style, either, and the colors won't coordinate with our new digs.
#2 Monica gave me this suitcase, which I have referred to as a satchel because I like the sound of that word. It's a fun piece, but once again, I feel the time has come to let someone else enjoy it.

Oh, and by the way, I haven't told Eric yet that I'm getting rid of these things. I think it will be fun that he'll discover it by reading my blog sometime today. And when he does, I hope that he will be grateful for my sacrificial decision. =)

Now it's your turn to share: Is there a particular item of your husband's that are you not fond of? Has he declared his dislike for something of yours?


Jody said...

Seeing your satchel makes me think of the steamer trunk I have. It's an antique and is covered with stickers from the ships it sailed on. Doug doesn't mind it. Right now it is in our living room,wide open. The drawers hold favorite books and the open hanging part is serving as a toybox and blanket holder.

Anonymous said...

OK, so now I feel guilty. I really can't even believe what I just read. What am I going to have left to tease her about in terms of possessions I'm not fond of? Good job Carrie. I guess you have every right to return the favor...what do I need to get rid of? (Just don't say the stuffed pheasant!).


Amy said...

I love that you call it a satchel- that sounds so much more unique than a suitcase.

We are clearing the clutter out over here too. Great minds think alike :) I got rid of three cars full of junk that we didn't need. We are slowly reclaiming some space in our house!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

When we got married, my hubby was opposed to floral stuff in the house (like a bedspread with flowers). Now, after 11 years, he doesn't pay any attention or care! :)

Katie said...

I love all those HGTV shows, but we don't have when I go to my folks''s a treat to watch! :-) I have seen that one and love it ~ I love watching stuff get organized.

I love that "satchel"! It's just darling. There was an episode of the Waltons where they gave one just like that to Mary Ellen as a present for her going away ~ and Olivia (Ma) and Esther (Grandma) attached some really cute fabric to it to dress it up. I always thought that so cute, and when I saw your pic, it totally reminded me of that!

We just did a huge spring cleaning, and I was in the same mindset ~ donate/discard/sell, and I kept much less than I thought I would! My husband was grateful for that. My husband doesn't hang onto a whole lot, so I don't have anything to list there, but I bet my husband would have quite a list for me... hee hee...

Fun post!

Liisa said...

My hubby does not care for my collection of Melmac dishes. I have been collecting them for a few years now - just the pastel ones though. They remind me of days long ago as a child at our family cottage. My grandparents built it by hand and it was furnished with things they no longer needed at home. It had many wonderful things from the fifties and it was a special place for me as it was the one constant in a childhood spent moving around. The cottage is gone now but collecting old things like pastel Melmac dishes bring it back to me in a little way. So despite his dislike of it he is sweet and will tolerate it.

I dislike his deer heads. Fortunately our home has no "good spot" for them so they are stored in the basement!


Anonymous said...

I have a collection of things that I bought in Sweden when I lived there. It has no sentimental meaning to my hubby, but he doesn't care what is 'out'. His deer heads, though have been the topic of many discussions.....

Me--NO they do not belong in the living room, or in MY bedroom!!
him--yes, they are going above the bed'

Needless to say they are still in the basement! Whew!

Liisa--is there a 'good spot' for a deer head besides the basement ro shed? LOL


Melissa said...

Congratulations on the new home! I am the purger at our house and frequently ask my husband if he is ever going to use a certain object again or if it can go. (we are currently storing several concert t-shirts that he will never wear again, but can't bear to part with.) However, there is one flannel shirt that he ADORES and I get sick just looking at the colors - teal and raspberry plaid. He calls it green. ;-) I am waiting for the day that shirt comes up missing. . .

debra said...

My husband has a buddha - the kind you get from Benihana or somewhere that has a drink in it. Not a real Buddha. But he LOVES that thing. It has finally made it's way to the garage. :) I had this summer dress w/ fish on it. It was SO comfy but he hated it. I just got rid of it a few weeks ago.

A, B & C said...

I am anti-packrat, so we don't have a lot of stuff like this left. My husband did have a shirt with some really funky pockets on it, but he eventually came to the reality of how out of style it was, all on his own! I'll have to ask him if anything of mine should end up in our giveaway boxes.

Anonymous said...

I see in Eric's comment that he doesn't want the same thing to happen to his stuffed pheasant! :)

I miss Clean Sweep, but like you, I never liked the part where the couple each had to compete to keep something they really treasured.

Thanks for sharing! :) Love you, Mom

Snuggle said...

It is really interesting to see Japanese title on your blog, by the way:) I am not a big fun of this word さよăȘら, but I have lots of things I have to say sayonara for. Sometimes it might be just a good idea to throw things away before I start thinking-otherwise I change my mind and feel like keeping them:p

Liisa said...

Tas - I have had that exact conversation with my hubby! I can't even imagine waking up every morning to a deer head hanging over my bed! HA!

You are right there just really isn't a "good spot" LOL