Friday, June 20, 2008

My dog ate my housework

Literally. Yesterday morning, I baked 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies for our neighborhood ice cream social. I laid them in the middle of the dining table to cool, as I usually do and left for an errand.

When I got home, I couldn't help but notice the cooling rack on the floor. Our eight-year-old springer spaniel had jumped onto the table and devoured THREE DOZEN cookies! I was furious and banished him to the basement for the afternoon, though of course I let him outside periodically in case of indigestion. I couldn't bear to make another batch of cookies, so whipped up some quick brownies instead. I made sure that dog didn't get a single crumb!


thehomespunheart said...

Reggie! How could you! I mean I know delicious cookies when I see them too - but oh, my! I'm sorry, Carrie - hope your social was fun!

Liisa said...

My goodness! That brings back so many memories of our dog! She was so bad when she was younger. I remember her eating an entire can of butter flavoured Crisco when I hadn't shut the cupboard door all the way before going out or the Christmas morning she stole and ate an entire pound of butter off the counter while we were opening presents or perhaps the topper I left a roasting pan that I had cooked cabbage rolls in to cool on the stove when we went for a walk - it still had the chopped cabbage and tomatoes in it ....we came home to a pink dog and bits of cabbage and tomatoes all over the walls, ceiling,floor...well you name it is was everywhere!

I believe that is why God made them so you wouldn't ring their necks!

Hope your social went well!


Anonymous said...

I can just picture it - is he feeling all right after all that chocolate? I'll call sometime soon to hear about the social!

mom said...

Oops! I'm sorry about the loss of your cookies and hope Reggie didn't get sick -- but I can just imagine how much fun he had! :) I look forward to hearing about your neighborhood party. :) Love you, Mom

Jody said...

Too funny! OK, not for you but the visual is. I hope you left him outside in case he got sick?

When Toby was a puppy I was driving home for Christmas. In the front seat of my Expedition was a Tobler chocolate orange. It had been unwrapped but not eaten. He came all the way from the back of the truck and ate it while I was at a rest stop. I was amazed he didn't get sick.

Tracy said...

Oh No! But how did the social go?

Melody said...

Oh, I know how you feel. Our dog just recently ate the birthday cake for our son's birthday party. We got another one and he ate that one also, but luckily it was only leftovers since we had already had the party.

mer said...

Wow, Carrie, even dogs can't resist your chocolate chip cookies! You must be a fantastic baker! :)

Jack-the-beagle is always looking for something around here to gobble up. He's such a scavenger!

Sorry about your cookies, but I hope your social went well!

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

I would have been so ticked! I sure hope he doesn't get a tummy ache. That is a lot of yummy cookies to eat at one time. Can't wait to hear how the social went. ~Wendi

Ewokgirl said...

Has he had a sick tummy yet?

I can relate. Before we married, Steven adopted Calvin, our cat, for me. He lived with Steven and his roommate. The roommate's mom sent him a cookie bouquet after he passed the LSAT. Calvin helped himself to it one day while they were both at work. He took a bite off of each cookie.

Another time, I'd baked muffins and left them on the counter to cool. When I came back to them, Calvin had taken a bite out of every single one. Thankfully, he doesn't do stuff like that anymore, but it was so irritating at the time!

Katie said...

Hey Carrie!!

It's been forever, but I hope to catch up on all of your lovely posts soon! I see you did a follow-up post on Sleeth's book, and the "draft" I began to you months ago I'm sorry to say is still sitting in my draft box. I really am endeavoring to get that to you! Anyway, life has been busy, but I'm glad to check back on my blogging buddies!

About your dog ~ yikes! :-) What a bummer! I didn't know dogs could eat chocolate! Your cookies obviously were very tempting!!

I love the social idea, and I hope you are enjoying your new home and neighborhood!!

Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope your dog is ok. chocolate is poison to dogs. Depends on the size of the dogs and the amount eaten, but it could be fatal.


A, B & C said...

I'm so sorry about your cookies! My Mom's dog is always eating everything in her house. Good luck with everything this weekend!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Oh, no! I would imagine he felt the consequences of that later in the day!