Monday, June 9, 2008

Praise music

Last week, after posting about wanting to create a more positive environment in our home, I felt like one change I could make is to listen to praise music throughout my day. I'd rather not have the radio on in the house (though we do in the car), as I don't want to hear all the commercials, but I have no idea what to look into in terms of artists or titles. I would love to hear your suggestions for CDs that you find uplifting. Thank you!


thehomespunheart said...

Carrie -

Some of my favorites are:
- Fernando Ortega
- Glory Revealed by various artists - Scripture put into songs
- Michael W. Smith Praise and Worship

I'm looking forward to hearing some of the other suggestions!

Love you,

Mom said...

Dear Carrie,

What I like depends on my mood, time of day, etc. For example, on Sunday mornings or in the evenings, I like soft hymns or praise (such as instrumentals, especially piano). On Saturday morning when I am cleaning house, I like more upbeat tempo music such as patriotic marches or worship CDs (we have some from WVC). When you girls were little, we played a lot of childen's Christian music -- remember Music Machine??

I'm sure you'll get some great suggestions! Love you, Mom

Mary Ann said...

I absolutely love:
-Brian Doerksen's Holy God(this is amazing!)
-Chris Tomlin's Not to Us
-Phil Keaggy's instrumental CD's(especially the one with hymns)
-a variety of classical music
-Casting Crowns' Lifesong

I'm married to a musician so they is never a lack of stuff to listen to in our home!

Also with itunes, you can upload/download (whichever, I don't know!) favorite songs and create your own collection of favorites on CDs. I love the CDs that my husband has burned for me!

mer said...

Glory Revealed--it's scripture, and it's amazing.
Fernando Ortega
Deperation Band
Chris Tomlin

Pretty much anything by the above artists works for me, but I'm partial to Glory Revealed!

Heather of Troy said...

I just got two new CD's that I'm listening to non-stop. The first is called "Sing over Me: Worship Songs and Lullabies." It's a compilation of different female Christian Artists. Then "Great God Who Saves" by Laura Story. Both are wonderful and great for listening throughout the day or in the car.

gail said...

hi carrie,
it really depends on your taste in music, but i love anything by casting crowns, jeremy camp, passion project, matt redman,chris tomlin is good, 3rd day if you like more of a rock sound, i also like praise cd's there are a ton of different bands, people, and groups who put them out.

there is a music "radio" called pandora that you get to program. the link is check it out.

like your mom, it depends on what i'm doing. if i'm cleaning, an upbeat song is great, in the evenings i like more mellow stuff. when our son is home we play stuff for kids or croc rock by elton john or veggie takes, he loves crocs and he loves that song!so funny.

the nice thing about itunes is you can listen to the first 20-40 seconds of a tune before you buy it, so you can see if you would like it.

i'm going to have to check out fernando ortega since so many people gave it high reviews.

Frances said...

I'm a big fan of variety, so I recommend the "Worship Together: I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" CDs (Volume 1 and Volume 2 each have two CDs with 25 songs each). I also really enjoy the compilations "City on a Hill" and "City on a Hill: Alleluia" - the latter has a more classic, liturgical sound.

I, too, am a big fan of Pandora when I'm working on or near the computer. Enter your favorite song or artist and you're sure to discover lots of other great songs and artist!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carrie,
For music when L is awake and active:
-Blink by Plumb. It's a lullaby album - and although I would have never picked up a Plumb CD (because they are Alternative Christian)I am so so surprised at the gentle tone and heart and really enjoy it. -Sing over Me that Heather recommended.
-Praise Baby CD's - and the DVD's are good too. (Like Einstein but with Christian music in the background)

For Me times:
-Kari Jobe
-Rita Springer
-Jared Anderson
-Fernando Ortega

Ewokgirl said...

I love Kim Hill's earthy, folksy sound. Her albums are older, but still quite good.

Additionally, I like Starfield and Monk & Neagle quite a bit. Eden's Bridge is great, too, if you like Celtic music.

Others that I like but listen to only very occasionally are Delirious? and Darrell Evans. They both definitely fit the true praise and worship mold.

Anonymous said...


Kelly Crawford's "By Heart" Scripture Songs CD. You can find her at www . hearts for family . blogspot . com.


Wendy said...

Hello Carrie,

I want to throw in my favorite CD.

Valley of Vision by Sovereign Grace. This album contains songs based on the Putritan prayers found in The Valley of Vision book.

It looks like it is only $8.00 right now.

Theologically I would not agree with everything that Sovereign Grace does, but it does not affect this amazing CD.

Just my two cents.

Jamie said...

Good question! I don't have any suggestions for you but was excited to read everybody else's thoughts. :-)

Kali said...

Hey Carrie! One of my favorite parts of working in the Christian music biz is that I get to sample all sorts of good stuff :) Here are a few of my recent favorites, depending on your taste:

- Selah -- the have several albums with some gorgeous traditional hymns and more contemporary stuff

- Glory Revealed (already mentioned) - Great!

- Sara Groves - less praise & worship, but beautiful music & thought-provoking lyrics (her new album "Tell Me What you Know" is my favorite)

- Shane & Shane - "Pages" is wonderful worship album

- Hillsong United - more contemporary worship

- Brooke Fraser - lead singer for Hillsong United and also a solo artist

- Leeland - a newer group with great music & lyrics

Stephanie said...

Somehow I missed this post in my Bloglines, but I caught a link to it in your update today. It looks like you got some great suggestions.

I'd like to add the Seeds Family Worship CDs ( They are scripture set to music. It sounds like a simple concept, but they are great! Overall, the music is catchy and contemporary; you can check out samples on the website. One of the CDs is "Praise". We like "Purpose" and "Courage" (or "Orange" and "Green" as they're known in our house) the best.

The best part is that we are hiding God's word in our hearts. Our kiddos (even our 2 year old) have memorized quite a few of them, and our older ones have even applied the verses to life situations. Example: it is so cool to start to worry about something and then have the words (and tune) "Do not be anxious...about anything..." immediately come to mind.

I know you specifically asked for music, but just wanted to throw out another idea for you. I listen to Christian podcasts or audio Bible readings periodically throughout the week. Even if you don't have an ipod, you can still play them via computer. is a great source for podcasts. I like Active Word (Bob Coy), Homeword (Jim Burns), and Walk in the Word (James MacDonald). I also like to listen to the audio archives from our church. If the message is appropriate, I'll have it on while the kids are awake. If it's a more adult topic, I'll use headphones and use it while doing housework during quiet time or at night. Cleaning goes much faster when I'm soaking up the Word.