Monday, June 9, 2008

Random thoughts about moving

*After years of living on campus and using the college post office, I'd forgotten what it's like to get mail on Saturdays, and to be able to step right outside your door to both deposit and retrieve mail. (In fact, I've been taking things to the post office all week, because I forgot all I have to do is clip it to our box!)

*Similarly, on campus, we had to dial "9" to dial off-campus, and I keep pushing that number first!

*If you know a friend or family member who is moving, two of the most helpful offers we received were ready-to-eat meals and watching our son for an hour or two. I will certainly be passing those favors on to others as they move!

*Friday morning, we were paid a visit by the "city hostess," the local equivalent of the welcome wagon. Even though my husband and I have lived here a combined total of 22 years, apparently buying a house is what makes us a true part of the community. =)

*And now for a housekeeping question: both of the toilets in this house have what I would call a blue stain "ring" along the upper edge of the bowl--any ideas for getting it off?

Well, that's my random list. Do you have any tips to add for people who want to offer help to a friend or family member who's moving?


Mom said...

Ah, adjustments such as mail and phones!

It's wonderful that you have had so many people provide help to you during your move -- I agree that meals and childcare are the two "biggies!" One thing I always like to do when I help someone move is get their beds made up so that they have somewhere to lay their weary heads!

As for the toilet bowl stains, are these rings at the water line or along the top rim? I was thinking bleach -- though of course, be careful of splashing it! Dad suggests something acidic such as vinegar. He also thought that your friends in campus maintenance might have an industrial-strength cleaner that would be helpful.

Love you, Mom

mer said...

Meals and childcare are the biggies for sure! If someone is new to our community, I like to make a list for them of things that "locals" know. Like where kids eat free on Tuesdays, or where the best park for kids is, or the names of good babysitters, doctors, dentists, hairdressers, etc. Someone did that for me years ago, and it was so helpful.

Glad you're feeling more and more settled. And glad you can cut back on your trips to the post office!

A, B & C said...


These are a few wonderful things that have been done for us:

- Someone once printed a bunch of change of address postcards on cardstock and attached a stamp to the other side. It was great to let our family and friends without email know about our new location.

- We also have had lots of people invite us over. Even better than heating up their ready-made meals (but sadly making your dishes and kitchen dirty in the process), is getting a meal served at someone else's place. We usually bring dessert or wine to thank them and I offer to help clean up. (But they never let me, which is great, since I have tons of elbow grease being used unpacking!)

- I also had someone offer to help me line the kitchen cabinets with shelf paper. I loved having company and the extra hands so it landed just right!

Hope these help!

Abbey :-)

Lisa said...

I clean houses and my churh preschool as a part time business. I use Pumice Stone to get off the stains. The church janitor buys it for me so I'm not sure where he gets it but I would imagine it comes from Lowes, maybe Walmart. It works really well.

Enjoy your new home!

Ewokgirl said...

A pumice stone will take care of the blue rings.

I'm glad you're all moved in and settling in nicely. Funny how living on a college campus for years doesn't count as actually living in that town! I understand, though, as college is seen as a transitory time. I guess the city doesn't think in terms of those who work on the campus.

Anonymous said...

Toilet Cleaner - try this 'recipe' from "The Naturally Clean Home:"
1 cup borax
1 cup vinegar
10 drops pine or lavender essential oil
5 drops lemon or lime essential oil

Combine all ingredients and pour into toilet - scrub with a brush, allow to sit overnight, flush in the morning!

Hope that helps,

Linds said...

It's good to know what is helpful to give someone who has recently moved.

Please post the results of the toilet bowl, it'd be great to know what worked and what didn't.

Glad to know you are settling in.

Liz said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders!! Especially on bathroom surfaces.