Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Because my thoughts and belongings from the trip are still jumbled, it makes sense for me to share my pictures that way, too. So here's round one!

Nathan has six cousins, three on each side (and on each coast), and time with them is precious indeed. Here are some of my favorite cousin pictures from the past two weeks:

You can tell that reading was a popular activity! I love this one of Monica with all 4 kids on our couch, and I think it's so cute that Samuel and Nathan were "reading" together.
Packed into the car to head to the children's museum with Great-aunt Joanie.

Watching a movie with Great-aunt Mary, who surprised us by flying in from Florida!
Taking a walk with Grammie--she had her hands (blessedly) full.
Monica and I only have 3 cousins total (!) and we have never been close to any of them, either locationally or relationally. Even if we live far from Nathan's cousins, I hope we will make many special memories together! (I wonder who out there reading wins the "award" for having the most cousins?!)


thehomespunheart said...

Oh! Great pictures! I, too, have hopes of our children being close to their cousins since we didn't have that experience.

Love you - Monica

MyHeartIsAlwaysHome said...

Great pictures! I hope that you all continue to visit through the years. We lived about 600 miles from my mom's family and made sure to visit at least once a year. Even if we didn't see them often I have great memories of playing with my cousins.

FYI: I have 33 cousins.

mom said...

Love these photos! Love, Mom
PS: I have five cousins and have lots of childhood memories of times together with them even though we did not live in the same place.

Angela - Life w/ One Busy Boy said...

Looks like fun...I have NO cousins...so I think it's fun that Joshua already has 4! My husband on the other hand has 28!!

Brie said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I have 18 cousins. Most of them still live in Michigan, so we didn't get to see them too much growing up. We're definitely closer to the 6 on my mom's side just because there was more of a mutual effort put in to visiting the other, even though we lived in different states.

My mom has the most cousins out of anyone I know...over 50 on one side alone!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

The pictures are great! I love the one of them reading on the floor.

My kids' cousins live in NM (my brother's family), and we are in TN. I doubt that wins an award, but 1200 miles is too great a distance for our taste!

Tracy said...

WOW!!! You and Monica really look like your aunts, especially Joanie.

I have 7 cousins, and though we were close growing up, we aren't now. Distance? Different personalities? I don't know, but it's sad.

Amy said...

Oh, those pictures are so sweet. I am so glad that Ethan & Emily have their cousins so close so that they can be best friends. I never had that closeness with my cousins so I look forward to that for them!

Jamie said...

Welcome back Carrie!
I have 25 first cousins and too many second cousins to count! The neat thing is I am close to lots of them! It's great having a big family and really great when you grow up close to lots of them. :-)

Liisa said...

Lovely pictures - thanks for sharing!

I have only 5 cousins that we had any contact with when we were children three more that came along when I was an adult and several that I have not met. During our growing up years we were very close to 4 of the cousins even though we lived far apart and those times we were together are cherished memories now. It is so good to see that you and Monica are making the effort to give your children those experiences.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad all of you had a chance to visit this summer. Some of my best memories are of summer visits, family reunions, weddings, etc that involved my families. I really enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing!

My children don't have as many first cousins as I do, but they have inherited mine, and their children as second cousins. I have a total of 34 first cousins from both sides of my family.

What can I say, since we all already know it. Families can drive you crazy at times, but aren't they wonderful!!!


Mary Ann said...

I have 30 first cousins which includes both sides of the family.
We grew up close to all of my Mom's family and have fun memories of playing with our cousins.Most of Mom's family seemed to have their babies in the same years. So most of us have at least 1 or 2 cousins our age. Dad's family was the same way although I don't know most of them very well. One cousin is a twin to me(same day and year), but we have never known each other that well.

What cute pictures of the little cousins!

Anonymous said...

Fun times!!! I have a total of 41 first cousins, but we're spread out all along the east coast.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pix! I can't wait to talk to you soon!! I'm so glad you were able to be with your family - such a blessing.


Hayley said...

Cute pics! My 2 sisters and I were raised having only much older cousins on my Dad's side, which we only saw every other Christmas, and haven't seen for the past 10 years....needless to say we were never close to them. We also have cousin's on our Mom's side, but they were all much younger....in fact my they are the same age as my children are now, so my kids are much closer to them then my sisters and I ever were. Did ya get all that? I, too, hope that my kids will have a tight, close relationship with my sisters' children.....who are all the same age, and only a couple hours apart from each other.

Ewokgirl said...

Cute pictures! You're so blessed to be able to visit with your nieces and nephews. Mine live all the way in England, and it's too expensive for us to fly over there anytime soon. :-(

Susan said...

Precious photos Carrie. What a great ways to connect with cousins!

My hubs only had 2 cousins but they were close. I didn't believe it because I had 26. But I was far away from my cousins. JR only has 1 cousin from both sides. And that cousin is 20 years old. I don't forsee any new ones coming.

Sarah B. B. said...

I have 10 first cousins, but my poor husband has ZERO, and is an only child, so our children run the risk of being cousin-poor. Fortunately, in our family ALL cousins are treated like first cousins, so they'll have plenty of little people around when the time comes. :)

kelseylynae said...

CARRIE! I loved these pictures...I just wish I could get my arms wrapped around Nathan right now. I noticed on the one in the van he has his "comfort" fingers in his mouth :) I truly miss spending time with him! So glad you had a good time with family.

Crystal said...

I have 33 first cousins including both sides. I am blessed to have one of my cousins as my best friend. So now our children are growing up together.

Rebecca said...

I lost count at 50 cousins...my mom had 8 brothers and sisters! For us, though, the difference in ages is amazing....I'm 42 and I think my youngest cousin is 10! But that's our family and we've managed to all get together a time or two. My kids, however, live quite a distance from their cousins and we too, try to make it a priority for them to be with them as much as possible.

Jan said...

How big Nathan is getting! Such a cutie!

I don't have an enormous amount of cousins but my late dh did. Don't have a number. But I do remember him telling me that 3 or 4 times as a teenager he met a cute girl only to find out they were closely related. LOL One of the girls actually knew but still gave him her phone number!