Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recipe round-up

I've tried some new recipes lately that I wanted to share with you:

I personally am not a fan of cream cheese, but I needed some of the plain low-fat stuff for a fruit salad I was making. I wasn't sure what to do with the rest, and it occurred to me that I could probably mix my own flavored cream cheese for my husband to enjoy on bagels. A quick Internet search (what a handy tool!) revealed this; I just substituted jam for actual berries. My husband really liked it, so it was a successful experiment.

My friend Jody has been bestowing us with a fair amount of zucchini. I made a couple loaves of bread, but wasn't sure how to use more until she gave me this fabulous cake recipe. I have to say that I am not usually a chocolate cake person, but this was yummy, especially a la mode. (My alterations: I omitted the orange peel and nuts, and did not make the glaze, though I'm sure it's delicious.)

It's also the time of year to enjoy one of my favorite pairs: Roma tomatoes and red onion. Click here and here for my favorite dishes with this combination.

Last winter, I asked for suggestions on what to do with dried lentils. I finally tried a dish based on Tracy's recipe for mazidra, and scooped it into a tortilla like a taco. Delicious, and so good for you!

Now I need to ask for some more suggestions. I confess that when a recipe calls for crushed garlic, I use the kind from a JAR! I know you purists are shuddering right now, but I had to be truthful. A friend just gave me a clove of garlic from her garden, and I really want to maximize this "opportunity." I don't know if I'll convert, I just want to make the most of what I've been given. =) So, what are your best recipes that call for garlic? I'm eager to hear. (Reminder: I don't eat red meat. Ever. That I will not be converted on!)


Frances said...

My husband puts garlic in almost everything he cooks, so we have a huge jar of chopped garlic from Costco. No shame here!

Did you mean head of garlic, with many cloves? I know some people roast the whole head and eat the roasted garlic on crackers or toast (like bruscetta) - like a dip. I also know some roast chicken recipes call for lots of cloves of garlic to be placed in and around the whole chicken (sometimes as many as 40 cloves - wow!).

Hands-down our favorite garlic recipe is Rachael Ray's Garlic Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon, found here.

Amy A. said...

I don't know if you have fresh green beans anymore there, but this is great.

Saute onions and garlic, then add green beans and mushroom and saute for a bit, then add a little veg or chicken broth and let the liquid cook out. Salt and pepper to taste. So yummy.

I use the jar kind, too! Works both ways.

thehomespunheart said...

Hey Carrie - I'm a fairly new real garlic user, and have found that it isn't hard to chop with just a small knife - not really any need for a fancy garlic press like it seems everyone is always saying.

Our favorite recipe using garlic is the Olive Garden Garlic Herb Chicken with Broccoli - I bet you could easily substitute other veggies.

Have fun experimenting!

Linds said...

I always used garlic out of the jar as well, until we got some with our farm share this summer. I don't know that I can go back. For one, it's so good for you (raw), and two it's so yummy!

Roasted garlic is delicios, I found a recipe online where people said they ate it just plain and I thought they were crazy, until I roasted it for myself, I couldn't stop eating it! We spread the roasted garlic on sliced tomatoes and put them under the broiler for a little bit. But you could use it like a dip, or maybe on a sandwich too!

Nicol said...

I have heard a lot about Chocolate Zucchini cake. I have several zuchinni that I need to do something with. That reminds me, i forgot to pick the zuchinni this morning. With everything going on, I have forgotten several days in a row.

Jamie said...

Just crush it up and make some garlic bread! It will be delicious! Also I put it on the crust for homemade pizzas. My husband loves it that way and is always sad if I make it without the fresh garlic!