Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Harvest swap!

It’s time for another swap! Our theme is harvest, and we’re all about autumn and Thanksgiving with this fun swap. Please keep the theme in mind when selecting items for your partner, and as usual, please limit your gifts to what can fit in a shoebox.

Things went much better last time, so we’ve decided to continue our simplified approach. Please read the following details carefully.

1. In order to participate, you must either have swapped successfully with us before, or you must be a regular commenter on one of our blogs (The Homespun Heart/with all that I’ve been given). We had many people write last time and ask what qualifies a regular commenter. This does not mean you have to comment daily, or even weekly, but we need to recognize your name when you sign up.

Before you send us an e-mail, please consider if you have the time and resources to fulfill your swap. Every swap, we have at least one person who writes to say they’ll be late in sending their box because they can’t afford the shipping. We want to respect your financial situation, and ask that you consider joining in next time instead.

2. You need to fill out your questionnaire as part of the sign-up. In order to sign up for this swap, please e-mail sisterswaps@hotmail.com with the following info:

complete mailing address
e-mail address
blog site, if you have one

Please indicate if you would be willing to ship internationally.

Also, please answer the following questions in the e-mail. The more thorough your answers, the better we can match you with someone complementary.

What does the word “harvest” mean to you?What is your favorite thing about the fall season?These next questions are to indicate your preferences--feel free to elaborate on your choices:
Hot weather or cold
Tea or coffee
Cake or pie
Buy it or make it
Book or movie

Sign-up entries must be complete to be included. Even if you’ve swapped with us before, please send all of the information requested above.

Important dates to consider:

Sign-ups due by 8 a.m. (CST) Thursday, October 16, or when 40 people have signed up.
Partner info will be e-mailed to you by October 20.
Please send your shoebox by Friday, November 7.

If you have not received an e-mail from us by October 22, please check your “junk” folder.

Thanks, and happy swapping!


Brie said...

Wish I could participate this time, but I'm going to be out of town too much to be able to devote the time to filling the box.

Hayley said...

This sounds like fun!!! I hope I'm a regular poster?!?! I'd love to participate!!!

Carrie said...

I just emailed you Carrie! I hope I am considered to participate! I would love to be a part of this swap!

Jenny S said...

If we have not heard from you by now and have checked our junk mail, does that mean we were not selected to participate?

Jenny S said...

I sent mine on the 16th. I just checked my sent box.