Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I grew up playing Scrabble with my parents, who are both quite adept at the game (though, ahem, my father is known for taking an exceptionally long time on each of his turns!) Thankfully, I've found another worthy opponent in my husband. We even took the travel version (a wedding gift) on our honeymoon, and if my memory serves me correctly =), I scored my highest word total ever: CLOVERS with 108 points. I distinctly remember we were out on the beach when it happened, and I got up and ran a victory lap after that turn!

We played a couple weeks ago with our friend, Lisa, who is also quite the Scrabble player. Unfortunately, it was a very off night for me. Here, for example, is a picture of my tray at one point near the end of the game. Bleh. (I re-created the scene later so I could share it with you and vent my disgust!) What' s a girl to do?
Anyone else a Scrabble fan? And please tell, do you allow people to look up words in the dictionary before a turn (we always did at home; call us cheaters if you will), or are you adamant like Eric that the dictionary is only for challenges?!


Edi said...

I'm a big Scrabble fan - but my dh hates it!

My first glimpse of Scrabble was out at the lake as a child. When us kids were in bed, my uncle would come and play a game with my mom. As us girls got older, my uncle would play Scrabble with us too. I would play very often with my mother - almost a game a night when I was a young adult.

But now I live 1000 miles from my mom and so Scrabble happens maybe once a yr when we visit.

I had a friend in town that loved Scrabble too (she was from England) - but she moved away. Sigh.

My dd is 9 - still a bit young to be a competitive Scrabble player - but I look forward to playing some real games with her some day.

I play Scrabble seriously - one time I played with some older ladies from my church back home and they were helping each other with their words, using a dictionary etc. Didn't like it! I only like to play one-on-one as well.

It's the only game I'm really good at - so I tend to be competitive.

Jenny S said...

I love scrabble. You have created a desire to play. So I think I will pull this out and play with my children. What a great way to help with their spelling.

mom said...

Scrabble is my favorite game! We don't play very often any more because it takes time -- due to the length of time some people take for their turn! :) Although I believe Eric is correct about the use of the dictionary -- for the record, the main reason we "allowed" looking in the dictionary before a turn was to help with spelling/vocabulary!

I have a couple of Scrabble racks on my kitchen windowsill (from a game bought at a thrift store for $1 to use for this purpose) which I use to spell out seasonal messages such as Happy Birthday, Welcome, or Merry Christmas.

Fun post! Love you, Mom

Brie said...

I love scrabble, but I don't know anyone else who enjoys playing (my hubby doesn't enjoy games at all much to my chagrin) so I satisfy my scrabble playing with Scrabble Blast from MSN games online.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love Scrabble, but it's not really fun yet with my kids being the ages they are. John isn't a huge fan either. :(

I'd probably let the dictionary use fly if I were playing with my kids, but if it was adults only, I'd likely side with your husband.

Amy said...

Ha! This is my favorite game in the WORLD! I even made wall art for our family room with Scrabble tile paper. What about Upwords though? That is even more fun, in my opinion, just because it is even more challenging.

I am also highly addicted to Soduko & word searches. Basically anything like that at all!!

Linds said...

I'm a scrabble fan! I haven't played it much lately. We also love speed scrabble, have you played that?

I"m a stickler for no dictionary :) Sorry :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE Scrabble! I also love the online Yahoo version, Literati. So much fun! I can't play with my husband, though, because he's not up to the challenge. My mother is a great opponent though!

I have to side with your hubby on the dictionary issue, though... only for challenges! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie:
Although I'm not a Scrabble Whiz, I have been playing on Friday nights with the ladies here at John Knox. I was reluctant, at first, as I told them, all I could do was 3-4 letter words, but they said that's all they did too, so I started playing with them. Of course, they do use a dictionary, to check validity of words, but I agree that serious Scrabble players should not.
We also play Mexican Dominoes and Rummikub on different nights of the week. I'm enjoying having someone to play games with.

Looking forward to spending the next few days with your Mom and 2 aunts. Hope to talk to you soon.

Love you, Grandma

gail said...

oh you cheater carrie! dictionaries are only for challenges!!! i grew up playing scrabble with my parents and siblings too and loved it. we haven't played in awhile, maybe i'll take it home for Thanksgiving.

hubster and i play backgammon at lunch almost every day. i'm waiting for him right now to get home from class so we can eat and play!

love your mom's comment about using an extra rack and letters to spell out messages.

we also play mexican train--love that game. and card games like rummy and pinocchle.

and yes, that pic is awful! i hate being at the end of the game and having those kind of letters.

great post!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I'm a huge Scrabble fan! I have been playing since I was a little girl. My grandparents got me hooked. We do use the Scrabble dictionary to look up words before we play them but we are on the honor system - you can only look up words to confirm the spelling.

Ms. Gardener said...

I love playing Scrabhle, but my husband loathes it. I play a few girlfriends...especially during the long, cold winter months!

Ginger said...

Oh, what great memories! As a child and teendage, I played with my dad and grandmother. My grandmother, right up into her 8
80s was one tough cookie. She did the crossword puzzles, so she knew a lot of words. When I would challenge her, she'd get a smug look and say, "Look it up." She was always correct!

Mrs Flam said...

I am horrible at spelling but pretty good at scrabbel , i although hated playing with people with a lower vocabulary than I.

Mrs Flam said...

I am horrible at spelling but pretty good at scrabbel , i although hated playing with people with a lower vocabulary than I.

kelseylynae said...

Brent and I have started playing scrabble with another couple we met here. We even discovered that you can play Scrabble via facebook (what can't you do!) and so during the weekdays when we don't have much time to hang out with them, we play a virtual game together. My tiles currently looks similar yours and what is a girl to do with those letters!

I found this post very relevant for me right now, as we are such a Scrabble kick! Who knew:)

And yes, we allow each other to look up words in the dictionary, however we don't allow "dictionary surfing to find words that fit your letters.

(And a sidenote-- your post yesterday was wonderful. I am so happy to hear about Nathan's response to hitting you. It almost made me tear up! I pray for him and for the man he will become, and although I was only with him for short spurts of time, I can already see the godly characteristics that you and Eric are instilling at such a young age. Give him hugs for me :)

snippity1 said...

We love Scrabble at my house! I started playing as a child against my uncle. He didn't even finish eighth grade, but coul(and still can) school me in scrabble. He doesn't use the dictionary unless there's a challenge.

However, at my house, my husband doesn't spell as well as I do, plus we have children that are learning, so we allow using the dictionary for checking before we spell...but not just for 'word-browsing'.

We went shopping and bought a tri-ominoes game on our honeymoon! The scrabble game cam a few months later!

Christy said...

I love Scrabble, I have to convince my husband to play now that we are so busy. I usually beat him. Our rules are only in a challenge can you use an dictionary. But it is so fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Ewokgirl said...

I like Scrabble a lot, but I don't have anyone to play with. My husband can't spell to save his life. But then, I can't read a map to save mine, so I guess we're well matched to help each other!

Familia Stilwell said...

We love Scrabble, even have it in Spanish so we can play it with our friends in Peru! :) My hubby almost always beats me, but I still enjoy it. The dictionary has always been just for challenges for us. Man, if we could look up words ahead of time we would never get a game done b/c we would always be searching for a word to use! :)

thehomespunheart said...

I'm not a Scrabble fan - ugh, I'm not good at it at all. I'm all for using the dictionary - just because I need the help! :)

Cute post - and pix!

Leona Raisin said...

Scrabble is good, but don't say no to anagrams. And do not say nay per nuns.

annacoumos said...

I leave in Mozambique Africa at a children's center. Sometimes a few of us missionaries have "Soup and Scrabble Sunday". We spend Sunday evening enjoying a delicious soup recipe, and playing scrabble! I love this game too:-)