Friday, October 17, 2008

Shoe confessions

I was really intrigued when I saw an article in the October issue of Real Simple on wardrobe makeovers, featuring items the women already owned. In particular, I was fascinated that each of the three subjects was willing to admit how many pairs of shoes they have, and how many of those pairs they actually wear.

Here is what the women said:

Andrea, age 41: owns 40 pairs, wears 8
Charissa, age 32: owns 50 pairs, wears 20
Danna, age 35: owns 25 pairs, wears 10

I was amazed by those numbers, in terms of the ratio of pairs owned to those actually used, so I decided to conduct my own shoe survey. I counted 19 pairs in my closet, 9 of which I wear regularly. I then had to evaluate the remaining 10 pairs. Four of them are formal (for weddings, etc.), and though they are worn infrequently, I consider them an investment worth storing. Of the six pairs left, I decided to part with 3 of them, and will keep the other 3 for awhile to see if they enter back into the rotation.

Personally, I consider it a stewardship issue to do these kinds of inventories. It opened my eyes that I own 19 pairs of shoes, but wear just a fraction of them regularly. I'd like to use this little exercise in some other areas of my closet and home so I can better evaluate if I am actually using stuff or if it could better be passed on to someone else who needs it.

How about you--anyone else willing to make a closet confession?


Mary Ann said...

13 pair; regularly wear 4! Of course, with the weather changing, I'll be switching some of those and wearing more cool weather shoes/boots. 2 are dress/special occasion shoes which like you,I think are worth keeping.

This is definitely an eye opener! Good thing I was planning to weed out the closet this weekend anyways!:-)

Melody said...

Well...I won't confess about my shoes but I will confess that I keep my skinny clothes around hoping I will fit in them again. I haven't fit in them for eight years but I keep hoping.

I am afraid if I part with them that I will lose weight and then have nothing to wear.

Now I guess I will go count my shoes.

Elizabeth - Scrappygolden said...

I will definitely do this exercise over the weekend - what an eye opener! And like you said, it really is a stewardship issue. If I donate the shoes I don't wear then somebody else can be blessed by them.

Linds said...

First of all, I'm surprised at how many shoes I have! I thought for sure I had less! I had 12 pairs. After doing this excersise I'm getting rid of 3 pairs.

So I have 9 pairs (10 if you count snow boots :). I wear 6 of them regularly. The others are dress shoes that I have for special occasions.

Thanks for helping me declutter some more :)

Ewokgirl said...

I just counted. I have 41 pairs of shoes NOT counting my dance shoes or house shoes. That's a lot. I recently got rid of several pairs, so just think; it was a lot more a month or two ago!

I do have trouble letting go of shoes for a few reasons:

1. I have small, narrow feet. Dress shoes are hard to find and they can cost a small fortune when I do find them. For that reason, I tend to hang on to them.

2. Some pairs I keep around for youth activities that might get messy. (Old tennies, flip flops for the camp showers, that sort of thing.)

3. Some are flat-out seasonal. I have several pairs I haven't worn in months, but hope to soon.

4. Some go with just one or two outfits, so they receive very little wear. But, I do like them with that one or two outfits, so I keep them.

But in general, I live in my Birkenstocks. I have several pairs and wear them all.

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Wow, that is eye opening...and something I will have to consider reviewing when I get a chance. Good post.

Amy A. said...

I have too many undies! I wear my favorites and keep washing them, but I don't throw the rest away because my favorites will wear out eventually!

Julie Anne said...

I hate shopping... especially shoe shopping, but here is what I've got.

2 pairs of dressy sandals
1 causal sandals
1 causal brown (that I live in)
2 dressy shoes for winter (brown and black)
1 pair sneakers
2 other pairs I don't wear much
1 pair winter boots
1 slippers with holes... I need new ones.

See, I had to work to come up with more than 10 pairs.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, this made me think. I have:

1 pair sandals
1 pair of heels (which i could toss)
1 pair running shoes
1 pair of dress boots (for pants)
1 pair sorels (winter boots)
2 pairs winter dress boots
1 pair summer shoes that i wear in the house all winter

that's it. I refuse to buy shoes for the sake of having shoes, and i don't think that i need shoes in every colour of the rainbow or certain shoes for each outfit.

My problem is i have really wide feet, which makes it hard to find shoes that fit right.


mom said...

Hi, Carrie -- I saw that feature in Real Simple, but didn't count my own shoes until I saw your post -- I have 14 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of winter boots, and 4 pairs of flipflops. Out of those, the only two pairs that I don't wear regularly are the dress shoes that I wore for weddings (yours and Monica's) -- and I'm keeping those! Love you, Mom

Jenny S said...

Wow, this post had me running to the closet to see. Here is what I found 10 pairs. 5 of those are shoes I wear in winter. Which will be coming soon. The other 5 are 1 pair running shoes for working out in. 1 pair nice dress up shoes. 3 are sandals that I rotate each day. One pair of those sandals are flip flops that I wear around the house when I am not going any where or to the pool.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I have 11 pair...and I wear all of them. I'm SO not a shoe girl. I have the basics and that's all. Great post and some interesting answers too!

thehomespunheart said...

Here's what I have:

3 pair flip-flops
2 pair sandals; one black/one brown
2 pair dress shoes; one black/one brown
1 pair brown casual shoes
1 pair slippers
1 pair tennies
2 pair dress shoes for very occasional wear
Total: 12 pair; regularly wear all except the last post!

Brie said...

I counted last night as I was putting away summer clothes and pulling out fall.

I have:

1 pair tennis shoes
2 pair flip flops
1 pair snow boots
1 pair brown dress boots
2 pairs brown high heels
1 pair silver high heels
1 pair metallic high heels
1 pair black ankle boots
3 pair black high heels
2 pair ballet flats
1 pair clogs
1 pair brown sandals
1 pair brown wedges
1 pair white sandals
1 pair teal sandals
1 pair tan wedges (a gift to me)

Grand total: 21
Wear: all of them regularly (some are more seasonal than others) except the last 3 which I donated to charity