Friday, October 31, 2008


*His name indeed means "gift of God." Many thanks for your gracious comments on Tuesday's post. I deeply appreciate your encouragement and support. And for those who shared that they could relate to our struggles, I am so grateful that you were also willing to share. (Specifically, Heidi, your words moved me to tears, and I would love to correspond with you if you'd be willing to share an e-mail address--mine is on my profile page. And Christy, thank you for recommending this book--I've already placed an order and will post what I learn from it in the near future.)

*In other updates, I enjoyed hearing from so many other Scrabble fans, although I knew I was setting myself up with my dictionary admission! =) Wednesday was a pop comments post, so I'll be sending Michelle a cute and fun Scrabble memo board.

*Lastly, Gail requested sometime this summer that I write a post about my relationship with my sister, Monica, how we started our blogs, etc. I haven't quite known where to start with such a broad topic. So I'm putting the responsibility on you to start--if you have a question along those lines, please leave it in the comments. In addition, many of you have mentioned at various times that you would love it if our mom started a blog. (She does leave very thoughtful comments, that's for sure!) Though she won't be jumping on the blog bandwagon anytime soon, she has also agreed to receive questions from you. So there you have it. We of course reserve the right to not answer a question, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with. You can submit questions through Sunday night, and then we'll take a week or so to compose our responses.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Thank you for blessing me in a special way this week!


Wendi said...

I don't know if I have heard you or Monica mention your dad's family. I often hear mention of your mom's family and gather that you don't have extended family in Colorado. How did your parents come to settle in Colorado?

barbara said...

I follow both of your blogs and really enjoy them, and your mother's sweet comments. I don't blog, but I do have a sister (and a brother). Unfortunately, we are not close and this is sad for me. How do you maintain your long-distance relationship? (I am in MI and my sister is in OH.) What is your age difference? (I am 7 years younger than my sister.) The only thing we have in common is being in the same family . . .

Michelle said...

Well, I don't know what a pop comments post is, but thank you regardless! :)

Were you and Monica close as children? I'm wondering if your parents did anything in particular that helped you to cultivate a strong relationship, or if it was something taht you grew into as adults?

gail said...

well, i guess i'm just a nosy parker! hee hee. i thot you had totally forgotton my question.

what is the age difference between you two? were you friends growing up? or has that blossomed since becoming adults? did you and monica always want children? what do you remember most about growing up in colorado--would either of you move back? did you share clothes growing up? did you share a bedroom? how do you keep your relationships alive (sisters & mom) with living in all parts of the country? what is it that makes you two so dang cute? i just want to adopt you as younger sisters hee hee.

angie said...

Carrie and Monica-
You are both so creative, and are articulate writers. What did both of you do before becoming mothers?

What is your favorite tradition from childhood? I'm imagining that your parents planted the seeds for cherishing family time.

Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

Hope you like the book!