Saturday, November 29, 2008

Checking in

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I have been so glad for a nice balance of rest, recreation and productivity! I am sad we were unable to be with family for the holiday, but it has been nice to stay here and not travel.

Thank you again for your many prayers and comments in regards to my dad. My parents have both read the comments on my blog and Monica's and are also very appreciative of your support.

I am so excited for the Christmas series next week, and it was encouraging to me that many of you said you would have attended the class with me! The instructor friend I met with asked me during our session if I would be interested in teaching the course in the future. Preparing these posts has been a good way for me to interact with the material, and I will consider in the next year if teaching the class is something I would like to pursue. (Hopefully, people would sign up--ha!) It's been a challenge to condense the information into 4 brief posts, considering that it's normally a 4-hour workshop. So please bear with me, and I look forward to your comments and ideas.


Ginger said...

I look forward to this, Carrie. I, too, would have taken the course.

gail said...

glad you had a good holiday even tho you weren't able to go home. we anticipate planning a great christmas without going home this year. but were glad we were able to go home for thanksgiving. at this stage we just can't do both.

looking forward to your posts next/this week??? my days are all mixed up!

Michele said...

I look fwd to seeing these posts Carrie. I would have come to the classes had I known about them (and had I lived closer and not on the other side of the world).

I am involved with a MOPS group on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. If you like you can see our Blog for the MOPS Mums here

I would LOVE to have your permission to mention these classes and link to your blog so our MOPS Mums can see what you have to say on this v timely topic

Thanks Carrie, you can also contact me via email which is

As a mum of two small children and one small income also trying to be a good steward, love your blog, thanks

Carrie said...

Catching up on your blog here; will be praying for your dad.