Friday, December 12, 2008


Many of you have written to ask how my dad is doing--thank you so much for your prayers and concern! I thought I should probably post an update about him, as well as a couple other things going on with us:

*Thankfully, the side effects my dad has experienced from treatment have been pretty minimal so far. He continues to be in pain from the cancer in his bones, so that's something they're still seeking solutions for. In addition, he has decided to pursue radiation, which will likely begin in January. Eric, Nathan and I will be traveling to Colorado next weekend, and we're so excited to spend special time with my family out there.

*I'm continuing to work at the college, and will do so until mid-January in this current position. Interestingly, the office I assisted earlier this fall has then asked me to re-join them in helping with a big event that's scheduled for February, so I plan to work part-time until a few weeks before the baby is born. (That big event will be here before we know it--we're just 3 months away!)

Have a wonderful weekend!