Monday, February 2, 2009

Bearing fruit

While I was pregnant with Nathan, Eric and I selected three very specific traits to pray for regarding his character. One of those traits is that Nathan would be someone who is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others. We continue to pray for Nathan to develop these same traits, and yesterday I saw some beautiful "fruit" of those prayers.

To set the stage a bit, Nathan is usually quite fussy when we first get home from any kind of errand or outing. We'd just walked in the door from church and he was whining about pretty much everything. I was feeling discouraged about the way he was acting, and said a quick prayer that God would help me.

A little later, I started crying about something that had touched my heart, and Nathan came over to me and said, "Mommy's crying." I told him that sometimes Mommy and Daddy get sad just like he does. Nathan responded by handing me his bear, aka his favorite thing in the world. I tearfully thanked him for being so kind, but what he did next made me cry even harder. He grabbed a pillow and blanket and brought them to where I was sitting, then climbed into my lap and said "Let's snuggle, Mommy." I wept for his sensitivity and compassion, for the Lord's faithfulness in developing our son's character, and for the comfort Nathan extended to me in my sadness.

You answered my prayer for help and encouragement, Lord, and in such a beautiful way. Thank You for Your faithfulness, and for reminding me to be faithful in praying for my children.


Anonymous said...

That made me tear up! I'm so glad that your prayers are being answered...God is faithful!


Katie said...

Thank you Carrie for sharing this. How very precious. I agree with Sara's comment ~ a true testament to God's faithfulness. Just last night in church, we studied 1 Corinthians 1:9! :-) As a mother, I can share in this moment of gratitude/awe with you as I've been amazed at what God has done in my childrens' lives when I least expected it.

Thanks for sharing!

Mom said...

Oh how precious -- what a comfort and encouragement to you! Love to all, Mom/Grammie

Wendi said...

That is sweet!

Hadley Coble said...

That is beautiful! Isn't it awesome that we pray to a God who not only hears our prayers, but answers them according to His good and perfect will?

I'm excited to be your swap partner, and can't wait to get to know you better!

Susan said...

That post really touched me. What a testimony and a challenge!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That is very sweet, Carrie. I love that he's sensitive and compassionate...and that God was faithful to answer your prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carrie:

How PRECIOUS!! Praise God for His faithfulness...and what an encouragement to you. God Bless!

Love you, Grandma

kelseylynae said...

God is faithful! What a wonderful answer to prayer, in so many ways-- especially from a boy who wasn't always too keen on "cuddling."

Thanks for sharing. What traits are you praying for for baby girl?

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, Carrie. Thanks for sharing, my dear.


Ewokgirl said...

How very sweet!

autumnesf said...

God teaches us so much through our little ones. And it goes way too fast!!

thehomespunheart said...

Oh, Carrie - I'm so thankful for you sharing this! I love Nathan's tender heart and that he shared his bear and snuggled with you - that is such a glimpse of God's love for you through your little one.

Love you,

Kendra said...

Wow - that's beautiful, Carrie. What an encouragement to continue to pray for our kids even when we feel like it's not doing anything! Marc and I loved your example and have also been praying for three specific character traits for our little girls the past 8+ months. It will be neat to see how they manifest and come out in her!!

Charli said...

What a special moment! This is not only God working but also a sign of what wonderful parents you are being in guiding your little guy through his journey.
Thank you for sharing this :)
Love, Charli

Mom2fur said...

Oh, my goodness, compassion like that from such a little fellow! Can you even imagine how big his heart will be when he's all grown up? (Not that we want him to grow up so fast, LOL!)